Way back in July 2007, curious Fashion Bomber Lindsay wrote in about a mysterious sexy dress she noticed popping up on every red carpet imaginable.
She said, “Who makes those dresses that many celebrities such as Rihanna, Solange, Ciara, and Kim Kardashian have been wearing?


…I saw a picture of Solange wearing a fuschia one, Rihanna wore a pink one, and Kim has one in like every color of the rainbow!
We did a little research, and found the dresses in question were Herve Leger. It was an exciting time: we loved the frock’s silhouette and sultry cut. Fashion Bomb stars also couldn’t get enough:

Now that seemingly everyone on the celeb circuit has a Herve Leger in their closet, does it have the same appeal?
I personally start to roll my eyes when I see one. “You’re having a party. Banded skin tight dress? How creative…
Are you similarly suffering from HL overload?

24 thoughts on “Herve Leger Overload?”

  1. I’m sick of it too seriously but I have to say that Teyona rawked that gray dress on her birthday.

  2. Serious overload and way to trendy. Teyana/Solange/Megan rocked it. Everyone else the dress was either to tight in the bosom/booty (Ho Kardashian/Beyonce) area or your shape just looked strange in it. (Keisha C/Joy)

  3. Yes this dress is going into overload. im getting annoyed of it too.

    but teyana looks great in it.

  4. I don’t believe the dress is going into overload. The dress in most cases makes you look great and flatters you in all the right spots. What’s wrong with that. To me the point of being fashionable is wearing what you like and making sure you look good in it. And most of the ladies above are rocking the hell out of that dress.

  5. Overload but I did like K.Cole in that black one with the Hot pink ruffles. That was the best. Beyonce looked a bit puffy in hers.

  6. These dresses are classic. Yes, they are played to a degree especially amongst black female celebrities but they are classic and will never go out of style.

  7. aight aight aight…i personally like da dress, its sexy az hell…..but i am very tired of everyone and their haggard mammies puttin it on…..first of it is made for a certain body type…cant b 2 skinny or 2 shapely..i wont put any celeb on blast:0)…..but seriously lets move on to sum other body conscious dresses….hell lets move on to sum individuality…

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  8. I don’t think the issue is with the dress, it looks good on everybody. But after a while you’re hoping someone comes up with something original. Even Rachel Roy from the other day wins in my book because she chooses to use a bit of imagination and do something different than the masses. this dress is like a celebrity trend gone very wrong.

  9. I think its a fabulous dress. How can a body hugging dress ever be played out? Ladies rock them often. Yes the Herve Leger style is everywhere but thats only because if you have the right shape and style of the dress it flatters your body perfectly and in ways that for some were unimaginable. I honestly wish I could afford one cuz my booty would look great in it buuut I’m happy wit my Bebe knockoff =X lol.

  10. I have yet to walk into an upscale event/restaurant and see a female rocking the HL Dress I must admit that I will take my hate off to any AVERAGE female rocking it… We often look at celebs, to find out whats new and whats hot I think HL has made its impact on the industry and it might be time for them to move on… MIGHT be time I still love the look SOLANGE AND RIRI DID IT BEST CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SEND ME A PIC OF WHAT TEYANNA WORE ON HER FEET WITH THAT DRESS ITS KILLING ME TO FIND OUT I FEEL LIKE SHE MIGHT HAVE ON A PAIR OF HI-TOP CREATIONS LOL I MEAN HER NAILS WERE MULTI COLORED SO WHY NOT

  11. This dress is FIERCE. It is impossible for this dress to go into overload because it looks good on everyone except Keyshia Cole she always looks terrible to me.

  12. I love Herve Leger dresses. I don’t think it can go out of style. It may be a little overexposed on the celebrity circuit but not played out. If anything is on overload it’s liquid leggings. To quote Jay-Z, “It ain’t for everybody!”

  13. I honestly only took notice of them when I saw Kim Kardashian wearing them. They look very “just okay” on everyone else. Alicia Keys looks pretty hot too. I guess I prefer them on curvier women.

  14. There has been a Herve Leger overload but those dresses are so darn sexy and elegant and clssy…if done right. Celebs should try not to wear them too often though so that the become classic and not trendy.

  15. There has been a Herve Leger overload but those dresses are so darn sexy and elegant and clssy…if done right. Celebs should try not to wear them too often though so that the become classic and not trendy.

  16. Claire u have featured the new HL collection and he is killing it once again and whoever I see rocking it right is a fly chick to me!!!! It takes confidence and a killer body to get it right! Kudos to those ladies doing it and doing it right!

  17. One could never get tired of something so chic and classic…as others have said “this dress ain’t for everybody”…and if I had the shape I would defiantly run out and sell an organ just to get one. HL did his thing with this one…Each person that has worn this dress has defiantly made it her own…anytime you can get tons of people to rock the same dress you have absoulutely out done yourself as a designer…in true diva fashion everyone wants to be seen in “One of THESE”!

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