We’ve all been waiting to ditch our heavy winter apparel for the light and breezy clothing of spring. Flowy tops and shorts are popping up as the temperatures get higher, and now is a great time to switch your wardrobe over with the latest trends. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the upcoming season, here are 5 looks you can rock this spring.

Animal Prints

Animal prints made a huge comeback in the past year. No longer tacky or overbearing, these statement pieces are a great way to accent pops of color. Pairing bold articles of animal print with solid blocks of color is a great way to stand out. This spring, try a classy look with a solid black sweater and a leopard print skirt. If you’re feeling edgier, give snakeskin print a try. The greys of snakeskin print match any color, and you can purchase the print on a variety of pieces. Flowy pants with a flared leg and animal print will keep you cool and fashionable for the upcoming months.


Leather is experiencing a similar comeback to animal prints. We saw leather everywhere at fashion week, and you can expect it to crop up everywhere this spring. If you want to get in on this fashion statement, you can invest in a couple of staple pieces that mix well with a variety of clothing. A black leather jacket is always a safe choice that can be worn with just about anything. If you’re feeling wild, look into a pair of black leather pants. These are great for a night out on the town, especially if you’re going for an effortless, high-fashion look.


Sunglasses not only offer your eyes protection from the harsh sun, but they also provide an outlet for expression. Any look can be complemented with the right pair of sunglasses, and chic, vintage frames are all the rage right now. Cat-eye and round frames are making a comeback, and there are plenty of applications for these accessories. Go for thin frames with lighter tints to create the hippie boho look or go for thick frames if you’re feeling modern. Of course, you’ll need to ditch your prescription glasses to rock the sunnies, so consider buying contact lenses online.


Get ready for a blast from the past, because the 60s–70s hippie look is back. Similar to the bohemian trend that’s been dominant lately, the hippie trend includes floral prints, flared bootleg jeans, and tie-dye. The bright colors and breezy styles are perfect for spring, so this is a perfect time to get your 70s on; a light blouse with florals and a flared arm will circulate plenty of air as temperatures rise, and you’re sure to get tons of compliments on a pair of worn-in bootcut jeans.

Pastel Everything

Of course, spring isn’t complete without a long line of pastel clothing. Baby blues and soft-spoken pinks will be a mainstay in spring trends this year, so get ahead of the game with pieces that you can wear in a multitude of ways. Light blues and pinks are always a safe bet, but branching out with yellows and greens can also be fun. Remember to keep your use of one color limited by pairing pastels with neutral pieces. This year, try pairing a pastel colored top with white jeans or invest in a pair of pastel pants that you can mix and match with a variety of neutral shirts.

Get ahead of the curve with these fashion tips this spring. Try to buy some statement pieces that include animal prints and leather or tone it down with classy sunglasses and soft pastels.