Hanging wall arts may sound like the most straightforward task, but it can prove tricky. It requires careful attention and placement, especially when dealing with large framed wall arts. 

You want to ensure the sides are balanced and none is tilted away from the other. Instead of staring at a blank wall when you know not what to do, go through the guide below for tips and procedures for placing your large framed wall arts in the proper position.

Placing Wall Art Symmetrically on The Wall

If you have some wall arts with similar sizes, shapes, and forms, it is best to place them symmetrically to each other. This arrangement is much easier to fix than the asymmetric setting, although you still need to follow the necessary tips.

Make sure the spacing between the wall arts is the same. 2 inches is ideal for tight spacing, and 5 inches is suitable for average spacing. You can use a metric ruler to ensure the inches’ differences are perfect.

If you are hanging an uneven number of frames, e.g., three shelves on the wall, it is best to place them vertically. You can set the three on the same row, place two sides by the side, and place the last one beneath them, but in between.

To confirm the space between each frame is balanced, you can measure with your finger.

Have Faith Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Placing Wall Arts Asymmetrically on The Wall

The asymmetrical arrangement is for wall prints with various sizes but similar themes. Despite the controversial sizes or shapes, ensure there is a common thing between the asymmetric wall arts. It could be the color scheme or subject matter. Hence, this will ensure they are organically balanced.

Place the two wall arts slightly lower and higher than each other so that both will not be at the exact top level. More so, you can arrange a mixture of larger and smaller pieces in ascending or descending order.

You can draw your imaginary lines before placing the arts on the wall. This will make it more balanced, by preventing an overweight on one side and underweight on the other. 

Great Wave Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Hanging wall arts with large frames properly might require the best hardware, and they include:

1. Wall Anchor

Wall anchors are plastic and nylon materials where you can drill a hole to place your screw. Then, fix the anchor on the wall after making a hole. Gently place the wall art on the anchor and use the screw to tighten it against the wall.

2. Toggle Bolt

The toggle bolt is similar to a wall anchor and perfect for heavy wall art. Although it comes with a wing that spreads against the wall, it will come off after installation.

3. Picture Hanger

A picture hanger is the most common hardware among others. All you need is a small hammer to fix the nail and metal hook. However, each hanger has a weight limit, which is usually on the packaging material.

Buddha Face Wall Art


You would know you have placed your wall art right if the center of the piece meets eye level. Arrange them in a whole square for multiple wall arts and make the center your focal point. However, it is a different case for the dining area, as it must be slightly lower than the eye level. This will meet your eye while sitting down.

Hopefully, this guide will ease the process of changing your large framed wall art.