Have a bag you absolutely *love* that has had too many encounters with pens, water, and dirt?

Avelle, the new Bag Borrow or Steal, has just launched a new Refurbishment Service that will allow you to keep your “well-loved” handbags looking like new again!

Avelle Refurbishment Service

For $45-$175, their service takes care of stain removal, deodorizing, leather conditioning, parts replacement, and handle reconstruction.

I know I have some bags that could use more than a little TLC!

Find out more particulars at www.bagborroworsteal.com/ui/handbag-repair/.

*Haven’t tried Bag, Borrow, or Steal? What are you waiting for?? Fashion Bomb readers get a free membership with the code FreeFashion09. Go to www.avelle.com and check it out!

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