Fashion Bomb reader Whitney wrote in saying, “I’m dressing up as Diana Ross for Halloween thanks to your Halloween ideas post from last year. I got the clothes, the lashes, and the fur but need some help on perfecting her fabulous face! Can you help me out? Thanks!”

Surely. But I would like you to know that I now have “Upside Down” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” stuck in my head now. I’ve been prancing around everywhere like I’m the iconic singer. *smh*

Anyway, the first things one thinks of when the boss Miss Ross’ name is mentioned (depending on the decade) is tons of lashes, contouring, and dramatic lip color be it red or fucshia.

If you’re going for 60/70s Diana, grab a set of piecey lashes like MAC #7s. It’s Halloween so go all out–double up on these babies and also add a strip on the bottom lashes (wouldn’t advise this if you have very sensitive eyes or for some contact lens wearers). Get tips on how to apply fake lashes here. Add a touch of color on the eyes (looks like Diana’s wearing a soft purple shadow like MAC Parfait Amour in the pic above) and add your favorite lip color.

Give a nod to both Miss Ross and the 80s with a super contoured look. Contouring only sounds harder than it is. And even if you don’t get it right—it’s Halloween! You can be Diana after a few too many or Diana after a night of sleeping in her makeup.

The most simple way to contour is to grab a piece of matte finish makeup (eyeshadow, blush, foundation stick or creme, etc.) that’s about 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone and apply to any area that you want to recede. Common places are the cheeks–especially for an 80s look, but you can also contour in places that you want to appear smaller like the forehead, lips, or nose. If you’re contouring the cheeks, apply a brightly colored blush (Black Radiance Perfect Tone Blush in Plum Sorbet or Ruby Treasure are great ones to try even for everyday blush). Again, since this is Halloween, feel free to be a little heavy-handed with the blush. Want a super angled contoured cheek? Use the edge of a business card to help guide you.

Finish the look with a bright lipstick and lip gloss combo (use similarly colored lip products for extra POW!). The Black Radiance and Black Opal lines have awesome selections for brighter lip colors. Black Radiance lipsticks are around the $2 range and you can get a liquid lipstick from Black Opal with amazing pigmentation for less than $7. The catch? You have to find a drugstore that not only carries the line but also carries a good range of the products.

For full on glamour Diana, pair contrasting eyeshadow and lip colors with a bright blush, contour, and lashes. For ways to create cool color combos, check out our post on the color wheel here.

No matter which Diana you choose, just have fun and don’t be afraid to go there.

Happy Halloween!


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