7 thoughts on “Halle Berry Covers Harper’s Bazaar’s May Issue”

  1. i think her hair looks better than bey’s, personally – all round fabulousness though. i’m loving the dress with the big cinch-waist belt and feather trim

  2. No. It doesn’t remind me of it.
    I love Halle. I like the wig in the pictures except the cover. It looks weird. Did she shave her head already? She said she’s shaving it for a role.

  3. I usually really like Halle Berry cover shoots, but there is something about this cover that just looks weird..it almost doesn’t fully look like her. Is it just me?

  4. Anonymous, you are not alone. That cover is NOT pretty as it should be-it’s Halle Berry and they put a jacked up wig on her? I’m confused. Her InStyle cover was beautiful and better than this mess. I am not feeling the top two photos but the third (lower left) is GORGEOUS!

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