By: Morgan Smith (@muvamorgs)

Just months after the fashion house was accused of being racist for the Balaclava “Blackface” sweater, Gucci is now under fire once again for its Fall Winter 2018 turban which appeared in Milan Fashion Week. Even at the time of Fall Winter 2018 Milan Fashion Week, people were disappointed with the fact that Caucasian models were wearing the turban headdress which is associated the Sikh religion.

Recently, the “Indy Full Turban” appeared on the Nordstrom e-commerce site which brought attention back to the fashion house and its products. Nordstrom was selling the Gucci turban for $790 and describing it as “ready to turn heads while keeping you in comfort as well as trademark style”. Fans were in an uproar on Twitter making comments such as “Gucci is at it again” and “Who at Gucci thought this luxury turban was a good idea”.

The Sikh community was even more outraged by the luxury item as the headdress is a symbol of their religion and practices. One viral comment stated, “Dear @gucci, the Sikh Turban is not a hot new accessory for white models but an article of faith for practicing Sikhs. Your models have used Turbans as ‘hats’ whereas practicing Sikhs tie them neatly fold-by-fold. Using fake Sikhs/turbans is wore than selling fake Gucci. products”.

Nordstrom responded to Twitter comments stating that the product has been removed due to the influx of comments made about the retailer carrying the product. However, the product says sold out on the site which has led people to believe that others have actually purchased the item and Nordstrom has changed the name of the turban from “Indy Full Turban” to “Full Head Wrap”.