Gucci and Dapper Dan have unveiled a studio atelier in Harlem, an homage to the couturier’s original shop, Dapper Dan’s Boutique, with a contemporary interpretation for a new generation.

Twenty-five years after the closing of Dapper Dan’s Boutique in 1992, the new atelier will offer clients the opportunity to have bespoke Dapper Dan of Harlem garments made for them by Dapper ‘Dap’ Dan, using Gucci raw materials, fabrics, prints, embroidered patches and hardware.

The custom-made pieces will be available exclusively at the new atelier on Lenox Avenue close to the original location, which will be open “by appointment only” from January 2018.

Words can’t describe how excited I am for Dapper Dan. This is long overdue. Keep the blessings coming, Gucci!
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Image Credit: The Curious Uptowner