Do you often feel stuck when selecting gifts for your loved ones? Well, the good news is that you are not alone, as many people find themselves in your shoes time and again. You have probably racked your brain for ideas but cannot seem to get an answer. After all, you cannot hand your husband cufflinks each time his birthday comes up. And for a 7 year anniversary gift, you cannot go with the standard options. Here are some great gift ideas that will work with any occasion:

A gold rose
This gift will impress any of the special women in your life, more so your wife or girlfriend. It embodies months of hard work, which serves as a representation of the efforts you take to keep the relationship going. Plus, it is beautiful and is a gift that she can hold on to for years to come. So if you need something for that birthday or anniversary coming up soon, voila!

An eye mask
Let’s suppose you have a loved one who likes to take naps but cannot get a conducive environment for this. Maybe your friend likes to doze off in the office after work. But the lights flashing around them get in the way, and they have to make do with eye bags for the better partof the day. An eye mask would solve this problem. And it gets even better if you get one with a
message. It could read anything from ‘do not disturb’ to more obscene phrases. You know your friend best, so choose accordingly.

A Pamper Pack
No, your wife does not have to wait till the weekend to get some me-time at the spa. She can get it from the comfort of her home if you gift her with a pamper pack. It should have everything from scrubs to cleansers to moisturizers. When she’s done at work, she can get to pamper
herself. Make this time easier for her by handling the chores, cooking or getting takeout, and handling the pets and kids. It will not be much of me-time if she has to care for the house and kids in the middle of her pedicure. Show her how sensitive and appreciative you are.

A Book
What does your loved one like to read? For that funny friend, you can get a book of jokes which they can read over and over till they cram some of the phrases. For someone who is always coaching you on money and frowning upon extra expenditure, how about a book on finance?
Match the genre of the book to the personality of the recipient. And as they flip the pages, learning something all the while, they can think of you. If you know of someone who would rather write than read, a journal would be in order.

A Massager
Some people often suffer aches as a result of strain on their bodies. Maybe your librarian friend tires from lifting and arranging books all day. Or your friend always complains about wrist aches from handling reports all day. Maybe your wife complains of backaches after she’s done
working at the office and dealing with the kids at home. You can be a lifesaver by gifting a loved one with a massager. Figure out where the ache is and get a machine that can effectively target the affected muscles. As they sit back and await the easing of tension, your loved ones can think
of how amazing you are.

A great gift is all about understanding what your loved one needs at a given time. If the cold season has them battling cases of flu right, left and center, get them warm socks and boots.

Address a need, and you will have the gifting process down to an art.