This month’s issue of Glamour salutes seven decades of American tastemakers with a spread featuring a slew of pretty young things dressed up as historical icons.

They have Paula Patton as Billie Holiday:


Chanel Iman as tennis great Althea Gibson:


America Ferrera as advocate Dolores Huerta:


And Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama:


Hmmm. Some modern interpretations were spot on, while others were a bit confusing. See Lindsay Lohan as Madonna and more here.

10 thoughts on “Glamour Magazine Salutes Seven Decades of American Icons”

  1. Hmmm, I am not feeling A. Keys as Michelle Obama. Aisha Tyler could have done it. How about Taraji Henson? Or some brown-skinned model?

  2. I was just sitting here thinking the same thing, reminds me of back in the day when they would only use fair skinned African Americans in their magazines instead of mixing in beautiful darker ones…makes one wonder

  3. Im not feeling the Alicia bit either…nor am i feeling the carrie bradshaw girl! Who the heck is she?!

  4. I agree about Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama. Not a good match at all. Kerry Washington would also have been a good choice.

  5. A.Keys as the first lady?? Well first off i love A.Keys but Michelle Obama is a beautiful chocolate sista.I am a little disappointed with Glamour but at the same time i not surprised because this is a predominantly white oh well they tried. A.Key would have been great as Lena Horne, and angela Bassett would have been a good choice or even Taraji Henson….It is sad to say that America still has a stigma on color. Society has yet to truly embrace darker skinned women of color.

  6. I’ve got to chime in here too. The Alicia Keys pick is completely and totally off. She looks fine, but she does not invoke Michille Obama.

  7. Before I even read the comments of other ladies I too was like “Eh? Alicia Keyes as Michelle Obama? How does that work?” Nothing against Alicia AT ALL, just simply stating that as the whole point of the fashion shoot was to pick ladies who resemble the icons they were emulating, Ms Keyes isn’t the correct choice. Kerry Washington would have been a better pick.

  8. This is freaking outrageous. They couldn’t put an African-American woman with TWO BLACK PARENTS as someone accomplished like Michelle Obama?? I swear, revisionist history is already at work!

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