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So gift and sale season is fast approaching, and while I plan on procrastinating heavily, I know that some of you are getting a leg up during those Thanksgiving sales.
In the spirit of ‘Oprah’s favorite things,’ I decided, why not give you Claire’s Favorite Things? Below, the Fashion Bomb’s Guide to Stylish Gifts.
First up, celeb inspired presents:
1. Bold Clutches


A bold clutch can brighten up any outfit, and looks smashingly dressy against the darker colors of winter.
My picks:
Top Row: Alfani Mercer Patent Clutch, $68,www.macys.com; Mint Handbags Madison, $53, www.ebags.com.
Bottom Row: Alfani Greenwich Croco Clutch, $98,www.macys.com; Silk Satin Claire Clutch, $60, www.jcrew.com.
2. Bangles & Long Necklaces
Long necklaces or bangles are a go-to gift: they’re one size fits all, affordable, and upgrade any outfit:

Top Row: Tortoise Link Necklace, $68,www.oohboutique.com; Everday Bangles, $9, www.boutiquefinesse.com.
Bottom Row: Galaxy Starbust, $50,www.starletaccessories.com; Kenneth Jay Lane Coral Stone Long Necklace, $60, www.bluefly.com.
If you already have enough, you can always organize!

Left to Right: Little Burch Jewelry Stand, $28; Chirp Bracelet Stand, $18, both at www.urbn.com.
3. Berets
As you probably know, I love berets for their warm, stylish qualities. Plus, if you’re having a bad hair day, they’ve got you covered! Pop on a traditional black or get bold with sequins. Either way, effortless chic:

Left to Right: Cableknit Beret, $38,www.anthropologie.com; Ready & Cable Beret, $38, www.kennethcole.com; Kokin Orchiila Beret, $125,www.bloomingdales.com.
4. Ray Bans
Aviators never go out of style, flatter most face shapes, and at about $100, won’t break the bank:
Pop ’em on for a sunny winter day as the perfect finish to a sophisticated look. Get this pair at www.saks.com.
5. Black Wrap
Black wraps are a wardrobe staple for a good reason: they’re a great topper for a chilly office, work well as a re-purposed scarf on a cold day, and provide oh so necessary warmth when donning backless numbers for club nights.
Get this one by Kashmere

… for $100 at www.bluefly.com.
That does it for celeb inspired gifts! Now for Claire’s more personal recommendations:
6. Fashion Books

Top Row:The End of Fashion by Teri Agins, $11; In Vogue: The Illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine, $47.25.
Bottom Row:The Complete History of Costume & Fashion: From Ancient Egypt to the Present Day by Bronwyn Cosgrave, $25; Fashion (Oxford History of Art) by Christopher Breward, $15.
All at www.amazon.com
Need to brush up on your fashion history? Want to know who Claire McCardell is (or who pioneered the ‘New Look’)? Check out these books for reference. Begin your fashion education now!

7. Journals
Left to Right: Iris Journal, $10,www.mfashop.com; Cavallini Notebook, $15-$16, www.katespaperie.com; Blackberry Journal, $13, www.broadwaypaper.com.
I’ve kept journals since I was 12…there’s nothing like looking back at how far you’ve come. Get one for personal use, and another to take notes during fashion shows!
8. Fashion DVD’s

Left to Right: America’s Next Top Model Season 1, $30; Zoolander, $11; Project Runway Complete Third Season, $20; all at www.amazon.com
Don’t want to watch another rerun of I Love New York? These DVD’s are a bit tongue and cheek, but fashion learning nonetheless.
9. Fuzzy Slippers

…I love high shoes, but my feet definitely don’t! There’s nothing like giving my tired dogs a rest in a pair of cozy ones. Get this pair for $29.50 at www.gap.com
10. Digital Camera

I got my dope camera 3 years ago as a birthday present. It still works, but with the proliferation of cute cameras at affordable prices, it only makes sense to upgrade this year (all the better to snap Real Style). You can get the the Kodak option on the left for a reasonable $90 or the Fujifilm Finepix on the right for $180 at www.bestbuy.com.
That does it!
Now get to shopping!
PS Need more ideas? Check out my Gift Guide from last year.
PSSS Happy Holidays! I’ll try to update, but…no promises!

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  1. I love cute little hats. I’m wearing a tweed train captain’s hat today. Haven’t crossed over to beret land yet. I’ll look for one during my Black Friday shopping though.

  2. I have the two books in the bottom row! (the Oxford and the Complete History with Twiggy on the cover) I’m not particularly interested in fashion as a career, but I love learning and I’ve always believed that in order to build my own style, I needed to understand the foundations of fashion.

  3. Hi Claire! First off thank you for your site. It is a girls dream. I love all things fashion and viewing your site gives me joy! I have a question for you. I am an aspiring fashion stylist/Image Consultant. I would like to know if you’d recommend that I go to fashion school to become a stylist or should I do what I do naturally? I have always been the go to person for my family and friends regarding fashion, hair, accessories, etc. I usually am ahead of my time with things. I can spot what is going to be hot based on intuition. Id love your incite and opinion on whether you think I should study fashion books and wing it or go back to school for fashion design. Thank you for your time and keep up the excellent work! My email addess is le*********@sb*******.net.

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