When the global pandemic known as COVID-19 began, many was drastically affected by it business wise. However, model and influencer VM The Model took the time in “quarantine” to boost his growing Instagram account and secure more collaborations with brands.

It’s time to get acquainted with VM The Model, London’s award-winning model, social media influencer, brand ambassador, and actor who happens to be one of the top growing social media entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom. With over 17,000 followers on his Instagram account, VM the Model utilizes his social media presence to boost his various brand partnerships along with raising awareness surrounding vulnerable communities and providing motivation through his captioned quotes. The model-preneur has worked with several brands including Dermalogoica UK, adidas, Brushbox, Cognac de la Croix Maron, and Lynx to name a few.

Initially, fashion and modeling was just a fun past-time for VM The Model. He then began to take his passion for fashion seriously after landing a gig with designer Kwame Koranteng. Soon after, he launched his modeling career by signing with the BAME model agency in London. Through the agency, he became acquainted with the world of advertising, marketing and even acting. He can be see in the popular worldwide movie, Fast and Furious 6.

While VM The Model likes to work in fashion, he also has a style that is all his own! While modeling and working, the London based influencer is typically confined to the garment choices of the designers and stylists which typically mimic his personal style as well. As for his personal style, he usually opts for a “dapper-casual” feel where he can get quirky or sophisticated depending on his mood. He even expressed in a recent interview with Dapper Villains, “When I am dressed casually, I do not get noticed on the streets…by wearing a suit my profile goes up.

VM The Model is definitely one to watch! Keep up with him on Instagram (@vmthemodel) and check out his site www.vmthemodel.com for updates!