Rihanna was spotted house hunting recently in a Balmain Studded Leather Jacket and Christian Louboutin for Barney’s Peep Toe Pumps:



You’ll have to drop a pretty penny to get the look: Her jacket is approximately $3,833 and her sandals are similarly astronomical at $995.


Save on the rest with these low priced alternatives:


1. Junior’s Mossimo Co Muscle Tank, $8. 2. French Connection Superstar Fringe Necklace, $10.  3. Jamie Bleach Washed Shorts, $18. 4. Aldo Garilega Handbag/Wallet, $10.

9 thoughts on “Get the Look: Rihanna’s House Shopping Style”

  1. I don’t like this look at all. Lately, the fashion icons have not been bringing it. In my opinion, this looks sloppy. She is wearing ugly, overpriced clothes. As for the Christian Louboutins, I will cop those when they go on sale. I like them, but they are not killers. Rihanna’s style game is soooo much better than what she is wearing here. Not long ago, Rihanna had the style came ON LOCK!!!! Noone could touch her, which makes me wonder if she still has a stylist.

  2. i actually like the look – her prince circa-purple rain hair, on the other hand, is not my favourite style, but ri-ri stays looking hot so i can’t be mad.

    and why oh why does that jacket have to be $3000???? le sigh.

  3. Sorry Kim i disagree i love this look. IMO its versatile it can go from lunch with a couple a gals, yet it still works for date night with your partner(think drinks at any local pub.)

  4. I love the look! The Louboutins give the relaxed menswear-inspired look balance. Rihanna is always fashion forward, and gives me a lot of style inspiration.

  5. HATED IT! *snaps fingers*

    I think the rolled up shorts throw the WHOLE outfit off. I’m not feelin them at all! But the rest would be saved with some colored skinny jeans, perhaps. I also really like what she is doing with her hair now that it’s growing out. Overall, Ri is fab-o, but I think she is still coming out of the rain from recent events and hasn’t fully regained her swag yet. She’ll be back soon tho.

  6. Sorry Kim and Velvet, Rih-Rih is hot! She is the epitomy of laid-back fab. That jean short style is popping up everywhere. Pass on the colored skinny jeans…so over that look.

    Besides, she is looking for a house, not on the red carpet. Is a stylist really necessary?

  7. I like the look too. I like how it’s laid back; i get tired of celebrities always being “dressed up” all the time. So this look i like.

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