Cute couple Kanye West and Amber Rose stepped out last night in fetching all black to catch a movie. Amber went for rugged yet saucy in ripped leggings, a Dolman sleeve top, and platform lace up boots while Kanye countered in a stud jacket, black pants, and black Timberland boots.
What do you think of their casual ensembles?
If you love, get their look with these separates:


6 thoughts on “Get the Look : Kanye West and Amber Rose’s Date Night”

  1. I like the idea of those leggings much more than the way they actually look on. Otherwise, they look hot as usual.

  2. I am with the whole ‘leggings are not pants’ movement but for some reason these do it for me. I just like Amber Rose. She hasn’t done much but model and walk around but her style is one of a kind. She won me over with the bald head in the ‘What Them Girls Like’ video.

  3. Amber is very beautiful and wish that she wouldn’t hide her and beauty behind the black…..that’s starting to become cliche`……love the leggings though.

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