4 thoughts on “Get the Look: Beyonce’s Samburu Hope T-Shirt”

  1. If I see one more Save Africa t-shirt I am going to BURN the person wearing it. Beyonce and other stupid celebrities just run around doing this crap to feel better about themselves. Have they ever wondered what actual Africans think about their stupid “Oh let’s save the people in Africa because they have no hope and my one dollar is enough to buy four countries food for fifty entire years” bullshit t-shirts???

    Please, Beyonce and co should save it. We don’t need your sniveling charity!

  2. @ Sugabelly

    Considering her hubby partnered with the United Nations and have a massive water campaign, Bey and co are doing more than wearing stupid t-shirts.

    I didn’t realize what the shirt even said, or realize that Africa was outlined. I like and I might get it.

  3. Right. Like Lola said.. they are doing a lot more than wearing t-shirts.

    Also, I dont see why anyone would be offended by bringing awareness to a situation that everyone should concern themselves with.

  4. Sugabelly-

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. This is going to drill wells, which is going to last a lot longer than food donations, if that’s your problem with it. Getting people clean water is a huge issue right now, in a lot of places in the world. From what I understand, this program is starting out in Kenya, but will expand if it’s successful.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is: I don’t see where your hate is coming from. If there is some real reason to disrespect Beyonce for wearing this shirt, please, enlighten me.

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