It’s Mail Bombs Time…


Here’s the new logo! It works!
Let’s answer some Mail.
First Segilola asks, “I was wondering if you could help me find where I could get this necklace Solange is rocking...”
Solange is really on the up and up!
Solange does get a snap for this outfit! The closest I could find to her braided necklace was this Chain Necklace by Nicole Miller
…get it for $220 at
Next, Kah says, ” Can you PLEASE tell me what shoes Rihanna is wearing?
They are fierce!
Intern Elita says, “Rih Rih is now the face of Gucci so lucky girl was probably gifted these fabulous Marion High Heels
“...Get them for only $995 at Saks!” Oh my, I covet…
Next, Tyishia says, “I have the shirt that Kerri Hilson is wearing…now all I need are the jeans…
“...Where do you think I can find them?
Adriana found that these Unisex Stretch Twill Slim Slacks in Aqua Mint fit the bill…
…get them for $68 at
Celeste from LA says, “I would like to know the brand of the blue shoes that Cassie is wearing...”
…. on the front cover of the latest Complex magazine. Thanks!
Adriana confirmed with some credible sources that Cassie’s sporting these Louis Vuitton Rubber Wedge Sandals in blue…
Check for store locations.
Chelsea says, “I saw a picture of Monique Coleman (from High School Musical)...”
“... and I was wondering if you knew who made the dress.
Adriana also found that Monique is wearing this $330 Alice + Olivia Polka Dot Belted Tulip Dress….
…get it from
Lastly, for some men’s style, Miles asks, “Where can I get retro frames like these...”
“…and where can I get cool scarves like Weezy and Omarions?”
Guys can always set it off with some hot accessories. Get your look right with the following:
1.Houndstooth Desert Scarf, $18. 2. McQ Kalediscope Print Scarf, $220. 3. 1983 Readers, $18. 4. Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolor Scarf, $160. 5. ASOS Libertines Check Scarf, $22.
That does it for today. If I didn’t get to ya this week, keep checking back!
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