Kanye and his new boo, Amber Rose, have been spotted out and about shopping and profiling–causing fashionistas to clamor  for Amber’s look:


Franny said, “I love Amber Rose’s shoes! Can you tell me where I can get them?”

Lex said, “Amber Rose (Kanye’s new wifey) is rockin’ this white top and I want to know where I can find it.

We found that Amber is wearing a $950 pair of Bottega Veneta Heels straight from the Spring/Summer 2009 Runway and a pair of $164 Current/Elliot Fontaine Denim Shorts.  Those are quite pricey, so you can save on the rest with the following low priced substitutes:


1. Charlotte Russe Tweed Cropped Vest, $23.  2. Jockey Reversible Sports Bra, $28. 3. Current/Elliot Fontaine Denim Shorts in Easy Love, $164. 4. Square Bottom Readers, $18.  5.Bottega Veneta Heels , $950. 6. American Apparel Cotton Canvas LA-Z Girl Side Pocket Bag, $30.

PS Find substitutes for her sandals and shorts at cool blog Fashion Junkii.

PSS Blog What Women Want found Amber’s Bag! It’s none other than this $1,780 Marni Slouchy Leather Bag:


33 thoughts on “Get the Look: Amber Rose in Bottega Veneta Sandals, Current Elliott Shorts and Marni Slouch Bag”

  1. I’m telling you… I love all you guys!!! Everytime ya’ll find me the exact match. 950 is steep. I’m going to have to talk to my BooBee for this one… lol…


  2. Why Why WHY would I want to look anything like her? These “edgy” girls are all the rage but I’m not sure what is so stylish about rockin a sports bra with shorts and heels and calling it a look. Sorry. I’d pick a cute sundress over this look anyday. I’m more for the classy simple look. She just looks like she is trying too hard. A good match for Kanye I guess. I love his music, but his attitude can go somewhere.

  3. I’m personally appalled that anyone would want her look. Trailer trash chic…it’s not that hard just go to Walmart then roll around in the dirt. Her shoes are hot though.

  4. I really upsets me that she thinks this outfit is high fashion. Really? I applaud confidence and originality, but I don’t think this is a look that should be applauded.

    The shoes and bag are hot though.

  5. I think that her style is her style. Why would anyone want to look like anyone? Me personally, I don’t see anything wrong with her look because she has the body to do that. Her style definitely isnt my own, but her shoes are my kind of shoes… I think everyone should just let people live. Just wear your OWN style well and who cares about the rest…

  6. Yeah the look is ehhh. I think she looks like a prostitute, I am not trying to be hateful but when I first saw her, I thought, ok maybe an escort for Kanye. This is an outfit for a video shoot or publicity and she definitely go the latter! You know what more power to her! But I ove hte shoes reminds me of Melody Ehsani!!

  7. Are they on vacation? I didn’t know we were bringing back tummy baring tops… I feel like that’s what’s happening… I dig the shoes.. and the shorts are cute but the whole thing together is mehh.. No mystery.

  8. I have never seen a pro look like this, ever. IMO, I’ve seen women wear less, especially in the summer. I think people are giving her a hard time because of her past and because she’s with Kanye (relatively speaking). He never said that this is his “girl”, that I know of. For all we know they could just be friends, and this could be a stunt just to keep his and her names in the papers and on the blogs. Anywho, she’s not wearing a sports bra, she has on a tank top that’s tied in the back. Style is relative, either you like it or you don’t but the name calling is not necessary. I respect everyone’s fashion sense and I take it for what it is. i personally like the look, minus the tied up tank top and the cigarette. Not everyone can pull this look off and I think she did.

  9. uhm love the shoes but not the rest of the look. It sort of goes to show that some people will wear anything a “celebrity” wears. Where did we leave our personal style?

  10. I like the look, esp. the shoes, but that’s her style and it looks good on her. However,I would never in a million years wear that.

  11. I really don’t like her outfit at all. I feel like those shorts do nothing for her legs, which are a little chunky

  12. I like the look, I think its simple and cuet…amber is fly but she needs to put the cigarette down….

  13. First off i just wanta say that i respect everyones style because personally i have my own.. BUT!!! i must state my opinion and say i dont think this outfit or any of the outfits i have seen here in are quote on quote high fashion. I think that the pieces of clothing she picks can be made into a high fashion outfit but she puts it in a twist of her own “STYLE” (like i said) and turns it into sometin else. shoes are off the wall and shorts show a lil too much camel but are still cute but thats sports bra is a fuckin mess!! im done

  14. I remember when I first seen Amber Rose in that Ludacris and Chris Brown video I thought that she was beautiful, because she was different and when you wear your different look with confidence it works and is beautiful, so it is working for her and I totally love this look :)

  15. All I have to say is Amber baby you are beautiful so keep your head up…. You got my vote on whatever you wear fuck who don’t like it oh well…. Majority of the ones who don’t like it probably need to take notes….. Much love to you angel……

  16. The problem is all of you are bland and unimaginative and want to keep it safe. But hey stay like that. That way when someone goes out with a look like this they’ll grab all the attention. Otherwise no one would stand out in a crowd. Personally I saw a grl sporting this look on the street id go crazy. Looks GREAT.

  17. Me myself, I have a very strong luv 4 fashion, so when I say this Chick is bad,it is definatly true! She has her own style n look which a lot of females can not pull off, and this out fit would look a mess on a lot of females. A lot of those who believes that she looks like trailor trash, prositute r just a mess, r usually those who would A) would look ridiculous in the outfit B) R fashionably challenged or C) would look like trailor trash themselves r just a mess n the outfit. To me this out just says she is down to earth, unique, brave, n confident with her body, lol n the cigarette just says she likes living on the edge at times! Overall this chik is bad n if u dont think so then ur just a hater!!!

  18. Everything about this outfit is HOT EXCEPT FOR THAT CIGARETTE! EWWW – SHE’S TOO CUTE FOR THAT!

  19. Lol for the people “HATING” on her body lol you are obviously jealous of her which is sad because why do you give a fuck if you dont know her lol?? insecure bitches..as far as the outfit… As long as SHE likes it who cares??…gorgeous shoes that would go with a ton of outfits on us ladies and any body type if we work it right!!

  20. OKAY.! First off to everyone who says she looks like a prostitute or wal-mart trailer trash. Go do yourself.! Seriously, Amber looks good and she knows it. This outfit is absolutely hot and you “haters” know it, too. Your just don’t like the fact that she can pull it off and you can’t… EVER.! If the outfit isn’t for you then thats fine but don’t come on here criticizing her when you know she looks good.!


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