So it’s Black History Month!
And every day this month, The Fashion Bomb Team is going to bring you Fun Black Fashion Facts.

Today, we’re kicking off with Sudanese model Alek Wek!


Did you know that Wek was the first Black model to grace the cover of ELLE Magazine in November 1997?

Elle took a huge risk placing Wek on the cover–it’s widely believed that covers featuring women of color don’t sell. This particular issue, on the other hand, went on to sell huge numbers and solicited many reader responses like, “When I saw your recent cover featuring a proud and radiant Alek Wek, I nearly cried.Giles Bensimon, Elle’s creative director at the time said, “There are a lot of women who look like her in America, and they don’t find themselves in any magazine.” Too true!
Shout to Alek Wek and check out her line of handbags, WEK1933.

10 thoughts on “Fun Black Fashion Fact: Alek Wek on November 1997 Elle Magazine”

  1. Dang, I’m hurt. I mean I’m happy about the Alek Wek cover cause I think it’s gorgeous but, I mean 1997?! That was twelve years ago. It took Elle till 1997 to put a black woman on the cover? Man, and white people are claiming that we shouldn’t sing my President is Black. F*** that. They have clearing been running this ish for toooooooooo long.

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