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First up, GlamourouzGal says, “I really love the way Kim Kardashian dresses…”

“…I’m looking for dresses to fit my curves like hers in the right places!!! But of course at affordable prices…Can you help?”
Hey Mizz Glamourouz! There are tons of high and low priced options you can use to get Kim K’s scandalous yet sexy look. Try the following:

Top Row: Herve Leger Halter Neck Gunmetal Dress, $955, www.intermix.com; Daria Dress, $89, www.guess.com.
Bottom Row: Sweetheart Tube Pencil Dress, $148, www.ardenb.com; Curvy jersey rhinestone dress, $119, www.victoriassecret.com.
Freakum Dresses must be really popular, because reader Shayvonne asked, “Where can I get Beyonce’s hot black dress…”

“…for a reasonable price?”
Hey Shayvonne. I found that this Leather Trim Dress with Brooch

…from www.ardenb.com fit the bill, and it’s only $58!!
Next up reader Chantilly says, “I really love the look of thigh-high boots, except I cannot find any. Do you know where I can purchase them and how can I wear them??? Thanks!!”
Hey Girl. Blame it on the summer temps, but I looked and only found this pair of thigh high patent leather boots by Pleaser USA

…at zappos.com
They look a tad stripperish, but for $70, you can’t go wrong!
Regarding how to wear them, you can pop ’em over a pair of jeans a la Jessica Simpson…

or black pants like J. Lo…

…or you can try wearing them with a short skirt if you’re feeling racy.
Next up, TFB readers Valerie and Kindra both needed to have the high waisted pants…

…Beyonce wore while filming her American Express ad.
At this time of the season, most stores are offering high waisted trousers in demure black. I searched high and low, and stumbled upon this $215 pair of tantalizing trousers by Nanette Lepore ….

…not an exact match, but you’ll have the same look. Just slap on a belt and a white tank and you’ll be ready to go!
Lastly, reader Penne says, “Recently, I ordered these shoes…”

“… with nothing to wear with them. PLEASE suggest something …”
Great shoes! They’re absolutely perfect for a night out! You definitely want them to shine on their own, so I’d suggest wearing a gold or white dress like the following:

A.B.S. gold pleated knit bubble trapeze dress, $189, www.bluefly.com.

Organic Double Layer Dress, $88, www.calypso.com.

Chain Halter Dress, $74, www.ardenb.com.
If you’re feeling really adventurous, try for a dress that picks up on the turquoise in the shoe, like this Diane von Furstenberg Satin Dress…

…on sale for $270 at shopbop.com
PS The Harlem Fashion Show was fierce and so much fun! Shout out to fabulous readers April and Kamilah! You’re the bomb! Everyone stay tuned for a blow by blow next week.
PSS A few readers have written in asking where Penne got her hot shoes. She divulged that she purchased them at www.intermixonline.com. Unfortunately, they’re sold out.

11 thoughts on “Friday Mail Bombs: Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Dresses and Beyonce’s Freakum Dress”

  1. I think Kim K. dresses really nice, but she is so nasty I can’t make myself give her credit for being chic.

  2. I love Kim K’s style. She really dresses for her figure. She ALWAYS wears dresses when going out and even tho they may be tight they are not trashy. Could care less what the chick does in her personal life. She has great style. Bottom Line.
    As for the knee high boots. Plastic knee highs by Teaser are a no-no they ARE stripper shoes. I have 2 over-the-knee boots. One by Ralph Lauren and one by Dolce & Gabbana. BOTH in suede. IMO, the suede helps them from not looking too hookerish and I always wear them over skinny jeans.

  3. Hey 12:58!!! :-) Where did u purchase ur over the knee boots from?? Any idea where I can purchase them???

  4. I purchased them both at Century 21 department store (Manhattan & Long Island locations) BUT you can find nice styles on Zappos OR even Ebay. I have actually seen people selling the D&G pair I have on Ebay.Just make sure of your size. They ran a little small. It may be a little early to find the style. You should start seeing more selections popping up in the coming weeks when the weather starts changing. Both pairs cost me no more than $200 each.

  5. ha ha she dresses for her figure ha ha that’s funny

    irregardless of the fact that her figure has been purchased….

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