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So as you may or may not know, the Fashion Bomb’s one year anniversary is coming up tres soon! Yes, it’s been a year of me pontificating, observing, and blabbing about urban fashion. And what a good year it’s been!!! In celebration I’m doing a ton on the old blog…but before I get into all that, I’ll give you what you came for:


That’s right, Mail Bombs.
Let’s get it crackilackin.
First up reader Melody says, “This shirt and hat that Ri-Ri is wearing is super cute!!! “

“…Can you find her hat & shirt or offer some buget-friendly versions?”
Hey Melody. I think Rihanna’s wearing this $198 Cullen Bib Ruffle Blouse by Diane von Furstenberg…

…but if $198 is too much to spend on a white blouse, you can get something similar in this $49 Pixie Hopkins Tuxedo Shirt

…from Victoria’s Secret.
If the shirt stretches you wallet, you can save a bit with this 21 Newsboy Cap

…only $10 at www.forever21.com.
Next up reader Truestarisha says, “I was watching BET’s the 5ive on Wednesday when they highlighted a fashion line by the name of Alcapony or something as their number one spot. I was wondering if you could find out the correct name of the line and highlight it. I think their clothes are amazing and I would love to know where I could find them.”
Intern Elita to the rescue!
She says, “The line is called AquaPoni. It’s been worn by some celebs (Scar, Michael Knight from Project Runway, Common) and is made up of mostly hoodies and items that have been repurposed. Very boho chic.”
A few of their looks, care of their myspace page:

Create Your Own
Cute, cute stuff! And apparently they’re based out of Atlanta?? How come I haven’t heard of them? Anyway, you can purchase the items at Atlanta boutiques like P Valentine (www.pvalentine.com) or Pieces of Adrene (www.piecesofadrene.com). Neither of those stores have online commerce, so your best bet would be to try to contact them through myspace.
Fashion Bomb Fan Christina from Baltimore, Maryland says, “I have been searching high and low for the designer of the dress that Jennifer Hudson wore to the Golden Globe awards….”

“… I even hit her up on myspace and the diva that she is, would not tell me. I notice that a lot of dresses that she wears have the ruffle effect or that extra fabric around the midsection and as a curvy woman myself that’s what I like. I’m getting married and a lot of my girlfriends are extra curvy and that look would be great. If you could be of any help and letting me know who the designer was for that dress is, I would be so grateful. You just don’t understand how much that would mean to me. Thank you in advance for your attention to my request!”
Intern Elita hit me up again (yay!) and found that according to this article, the dress is Vera Wang.
Elita went on a search for a similar VW dress, and came upon this $380 black satin pleated flutter v-neck dress

…at www.bluefly.com. Close, but I personally think that this $220 T-Bags Flutter Sleeve Dress has a more Golden Globes effect…

…it’s navy, has the sleeves, and an empire waist so that the fabric skims over the belly. If you’re set on having Vera Wang dresses at your wedding, however, visit her website www.verawang.com and find a store or retailer near you.
Hope that helps!
So a *ton* of readers fell in love with Alicia Keys denim jumpsuit…

I searched and searched, but couldn’t find an exact match.
This $84 Wood Sprite bootcut jumpsuit by Dereon has a similar zipper, but is clearly a capri…

And this $280 Jumpsuit in Carbon by Deener is full length…

…but the buttons are a bit different.
I couldn’t find an exact match. Can y’all help? Let me know!
Update!!! Reader Tina from ATL, GA found out who makes the jumper!
The $140 Elephant Bell Jumper

…is available online at a e-store call Good, Bad, and Ugly NYC. The jumper comes in 6 colors…including the one Ms. Keys wore on TRL!
Thanks Tina!
Lastly Lady P says, “Hi Claire! You recently discussed Spectator Booties. I have a pair of Manolo Blahnik booties like these…”

“…and I would like some suggestions on how to wear these with jeans and skirts. Do you think I’ll be able to wear these booties with a pencil skirt?”
Great Shoes! I definitely think you can rock them with jeans. I think spectators would go really well with the new wide leg trend. For cues on how to wear them with skirts, I looked to Burberry Prorsum’s Fall 2007 show:

Create Your Own
…every model is sporting spectators with black, opaque tights under mini’s, trenches, even bubble skirts. I think a pencil could work too, just be mindful of the hem. Since the shoe comes higher than a regular pump, it cuts your leg off a bit at the ankle. So make sure you hem line goes higher to reveal more leg.
Wheeww! That does it!
So as I mentioned…stay tuned next week for the Fashion Bomb’s Anniversary! There will be a giveaway contest (test your knowledge of The Fashion Bomb), a fun Fashion Week party announcement, and hot, fresh new look.
You’re gonna love it!
Until then…
Fashion news, sales, what nots:
*WWD reports that Russell Simmons has stepped down as chief executive officer of Phat Fashions. He’s going on to pursue his other business ventures, namely his new Argyle Culture Menswear brand and his high end Atman brand. Kimora Lee will continue as Baby Phat’s creative head.
*Check out Seasoned to Perfection’s sale…

Click to Enlarge.
For more info or to RSVP, e-mail s2********@ya***.com
*Don’t forget Boutique Finesse’ sidewalk sale.

Click to enlarge
Have great weekends!

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  1. I’m so glad people asked about A. Keys’ outfit. I was going to but totally forgot. I love that look!!!

  2. http://www.sydneyscloset.com/ is a good site to know about for curvy women. It features bigger sizes (the largest’ I’ve seen is a size 32), and the evening gowns and dresses are mostly affordable, pretty and not all tent like. We all know big girls like to dress sexy and be size appropriate at the same time. And they ship pretty quickly too.

  3. Recently, as I was Browsing some shops in Little5P (Wish), I noticed some guys fawning over some stuff from a line called Overaided-I think…I thought they were very blah and cheap looking, but I think I was the only one who thought so…Whats the hype all about?

  4. Thanks to you I feel like I know so much more about fashion! I love how I go to Bloomies and check out DVF’s line and go, “Oh, Rihanna has this shirt.” Then I’m thinking, How do I know this!? Its because of you! Lol…thanks for helping to upgrade my blah Ohio style! Much appreciated :)

  5. Aquaponi is GREAT. Contact them via myspace or aq******@gm***.com to order a hoodie, custom made to your taste! I ordered one a few months ago and it is one of my favorite items.

    Love your new banner!

  6. There’s a website I actually found on The Budget Fashionista that has a $150 mock-up of J-Hud’s dress: Coco Myles (cocomyles.com) has a whole display of celeb dress mock-ups for the broke and fab. (And you can get it in a whole range of colors too!) I saw the dress on TV back when the GGs happened and immediately e-mailed the proprietor and suggested she add it to the celeb collection; great minds apparently think alike, because she was already working on it. Definitely one to check out.

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