It’s finally, finally Friday. Let me just say it’s a miracle I’m up right now. But enough about me…

Time for mail bombs!
Let’s get started.
Reader Afro Diva says, “Hi! I was wondering if you could help me find an affordable version of a pair of earrings I’ve been eyeing. I first saw these earrings in Kelis’ “Bossy” video and I knew I had to have them. Lately, I’ve noticed that celebs like India.Arie…”

“…and Aisha Tyler…”
“…are rocking them at different events. They are so gorgeous and I’d love to find a pair. Thanks!”
Hey! I love those earrings! You can find a great pair for only $22

…at none other than anniversary sponsor Out of Hand Boutique!
If those are too small, you can contact the owner of the site
Who seems to be selling a larger pair for $38.
Good luck!
Next up, reader Renee says, “Tracee Ellis looked great during fashion week…”
“…Where can I find her dress?”
Hey Renee! It looks like Tracee is wearing a longer version of this Michael Kors Gold Tweed Sheath Dress….

…available for $1,695 at
Too much? Try this Short Cowl Neck Dress by Karen Zambos…

…which is a relatively reasonable $341 at
Next up reader GoldenHoney says, “I love this dress…”
“Can you please tell me where I can find it or something incredibly close?”
Hey Golden. You can get a Kelis look with this BCBGMAXAZRIA Strapless Chiffon Party Dress

…It’s $260 at
Next up, we have a boy reader!!!! Drew says, “Fall is officially here, but I wanted to know the designer of these shades (or where can I get the look).”
I’m so happy you’re reading the Fashion Bomb, Drew! I couldn’t find an exact match, but felt these $265 Metal Aviator Specs by Gucci

…came close. Get ’em at Bergdorf Goodman.
Seems like a lot of people are looking to invest in sunglasses. Reader Stephanie says, “I have been trying to find these cute aviators that Kimora is wearing in this picture…”
“… I’ve seen her wear them on her show Life in the Fab Lane, but I can’t see what brand they are. Please help!”
Intern Elita’s still on board, and helped out with this one!
She says, “It’s hard to tell from this tiny photo, but it might be the Ming Aviators…”

“…which Kimora wore in the last Baby Phat ad campaign.”
Get yours for $62 at
Thanks Elita!
Next up reader Courtney says, “I’m looking for the shoes Ashanti wore to 106 & Park recently…”

“…I’m thinking about getting them (depending on the price), but want a better look at them. Help a girl out! : )”
Hey hey. I couldn’t find an exact match, but thought that these Dubois Striped Pumps by Michael Kors….

..came close. And for only $98, you can’t go wrong!
Lastly, you wouldn’t believe how many e-mails I received asking the make of Megan Good’s overalls in this picture.
Cute, huh? It seems that Black Style Central provided a break down of the whole outfit here. Happy Shopping!
PS If you’re having trouble viewing the site in Internet Explorer, I don’t know what to tell you! Blogger Help is actually unhelpful…all I can suggest is to hit refresh until it pops up! The site’s best in Safari or Firefox.
PSS In NYC? Check out Seasoned to Perfection’s Sale…

Click to enlarge
Lots of cute, vintage stuff at affordable prices. I’ll try to roll out!
Also, this should be fun…

Check it out!

8 thoughts on “Friday Mail Bombs”

  1. on tianna shares where everyone is getting the high waisted overalls. look there

    lol @ gloria

    also, i got my flyy fulanis from . i’m not sure if its sold on there anymore though…

  2. @ Gloria I agree those are some rough mathches, as for the sun glasses you can find simi-look alike pairs at urban outfitters web site, check the mens and the womens sections

  3. Wow, Magnolia peach. Thanks so much for the shoutout, and Claire thanks for putting up the link!
    I love your blog!!

  4. Oooh! I love those earrings (ever since I saw similar ones on the dancers in Coming to America). I bought a pair from a West African vendor (for about $10.00) several months ago. He was just a block from Chez Oskar in Fort Green, BK.

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