New York Magazine’s the Cut reports that Forever 21 will soon launch a plus size line geared towards voluptuous fashionistas:


They say, “The average woman is a size 14, but most designers don’t produce beyond a size 10.

Forever 21 has already triumphed by offering affordable clothes to scores of divas on a budget. Are you curvaceous vixens excited about this new development?

15 thoughts on “Forever 21 to Debut New Plus Size Line”

  1. 1st!!! Yes! My tata’s never fit in those shirts! But they have the cheap trends that I love so I only shop there when I’m feeling slim! lol! Great Job F21!

  2. Yes I am very excited, I only could wear certain tops and never could wear the pants. I would normally just by the accesories . I am uber excited. About time!!!

  3. OMG, sooo excited. Those poor sales ladies were getting tired of me asking what was the biggest size they had in their pants. Cheap fashionable skinny jeans, here i come!!! lol

  4. I am soooooo excited ….. Im happy I get to shop where everyone else shops and still be more fashionable at a great price…. When is this launch happening?

    Does anyone know…

  5. yes i am!!!
    i love forever 21 but they never have clothes my size!
    this is super exciting!!

  6. omfg.!!!
    ii am uber excited.
    my skinny minnie friends always look fly.
    && ii dnt even have 2 ask where they get their look
    from anymore.
    they all say forever 21!!
    ii’m pretty fly without the store [lol]
    but ii love their stuff on my friends.
    so it’ll be cool to see how the line turns out!

  7. Even though, I’m one of the skinny girls I am excited. I hate that designers discriminate against plus sized girls cuz then they hate on us skinny chicks b/c we supposedly get all the good stuff. But for all my curvy chicks don’t be fooled, the grass isn’t always greener. I have large breasts and a skinny body so I have a hard time finding bikinis b/c I have no hips or behind, but a huge chest. I just returned a bikini to target last week cuz the bottoms fit but not the top. I’m just sayin.

  8. Wow, I am SO excited! I wish other retailers and designers would realise that the plus size market is really ripe for the picking! Full figured fashionistas want to look good, too! Yay!

  9. I’m really excited about this new development! They sell cute clothes and accessories! It’s just that I can normally only fit the earrings and necklaces!

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