Today our friends over at Stuff Fly People Like tackle the ‘shaved head’ question:

Shaved Heads Collage

They say, “We wanna know your take on the series of shaved heads. Is It Swagger Jacking? (or) Is It A Form of Self-Expression?”
I personally think that while shaved side style has been around for quite a while, the recent cropping up of clippers is definitely copycat. It’s one thing if you, like Kelis, are the only one rocking a style. Quite another if you adopt the style a week after your best friend does.
But what do you think? Swagger jacking or self expression?


11 thoughts on “Fly Question of the Week : Is it Really Swagger Jacking?”

  1. Aren’t swagger jacking and copycat the same thing? I would say there is nothing new under the sun…someone is going to see something on someone else and copy it in some way. The same way we adopt style trends with clothes, hair is no exception. Every era has a hair trend…the shaved head trend just happens to be the most current.

  2. i dont think its that big of a deal. If it works, go for it. I see something I may love on someone else all the time and i just think of how i could make the look my own. Lala spiced hers up with the lil parts/ cuts (whatever they are). While fantasia added color… I remember when fingerwaves were hot…everyone had them….

  3. I don’t know if it’s always jacking, it’s hot now (I have no idea why though). But since I always sing the praises of Kelis when I can, lots of trends that are hot now, she did already, and did them better. I don’t know if it’s always jacking, it’s hot now (I have no idea why though). But since I always sing the praises of Kelis when I can, lots of trends that are hot now, she did already, and did them better.

  4. Its really sad how people are so not original now a days,the first woman i ever saw that started this was 80’s singer Sinead O’ Conner.
    im all for free expression and having and imagination with your style but none of these people are original,Im sorry but all they are doing is being the black versions of what punk rock kids where doing in the 60’s.
    Im really emberassed for my generation

  5. I agree with what someone above said; we should be over this. Though there are so many things to do with hair, there are only so many things to with hair. It’s going to circle back around. That’s what style is anyway isn’t it? Everything fashionable began as an image on Something or Someone and inspired someone else to adapt it as their own.

  6. I agree with O, Godiva and sun.kissed.

    It’s not that big of a deal. If someone wants to shave their head, let them.. it is a style that is getting popular like an afro or a curly kit.. were all those folks in the 70s swagger jacking?

    I think a better conversation should deal with the issues black women can have with their hair and setting ourselves free. Chris Rock’s movie about “good hair” is a great starting point.

    The bigger point is, ladies, rock what you want and make it work for you and carry it with the confidence of a queen.


  7. No, because it’s just a hairstyle, but it does look best on Kelis and Pink. Idk why, but the people with the completely shaved sides look off.

  8. I say it doesn’t matter. Some people do not have the ability to come up with their own style, so they use inspirations that are already out there. Thats one way trends are formed. Someone wears something or does something a certain way, and if it looks good, or if someone finds it appealling or befitting of their personality they follow suit. If enough people do it it becomes trendy. Thats how trends are born anyway. In agreeance with Janine, nothing we do these days are really “new”. Everyone is a “copycat” in some form or another.

  9. there are 6 billion people in the world
    and i undedrstand why people would want to stand out and be original and express themselves

    but i just think people just try too hard………it is inevitable that someone will have the same/similar style
    i think people should just get over it…….there are more important things to be worrying about its just hair at the end if the day

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