Today my feet were in rare form and just not trying to cooperate with heels. I sometimes think my feet are allergic to shoes, but…will save that tale of woe for a future post.

Anyway I hopped on over to Nine West to find affordable shoes to wear for the day.


I peeped this pair of ballerina flats on the sale rack.

The colors would work well with both brown and black based outfits. The print is a little saucy, but I’ve learned that i’s ok to add an unexpected exclamation point to an outfit from time to time.

I was wearing a black sweater dress and black footless tights (sort’ve like what Nicole Richie’s sporting in this pic):

This is how the flats looked w/ the ‘fit (pix care of my sis):

Not bad. Ballet flats were popularized by fashion icon Audrey Hepburn in the sixties…and her style (along with the slim black pant heavily advertised by the Gap) has made a huge comeback. Ballerina Flats are super comfortable (for those pounding the pavement in city streets, country roads, and cobblestones), and they’re stylish enough to wear to work, class, wherever. They look great with the slim pants that are popular today, but I think they’d look great with bootcut styles (and perhaps skirts, too, but I’d have to try it out).

So the sign said the shoes were on sale, but turns out they weren’t (boo on Nine West for false advertising!). My feet were throbbing, so I decided to just buy the dern shoes. I get a 10% discount from my job, so the total came up to $71 (from $79). Not a great sale, but that $8 can go towards the Manolo meter, now at $108!



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