Flat Out of Heels is pleased to announce the appointment of Danielle Shortt to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Founded in 2011, the company is enjoying massive success for its innovative rollable flats designed to relieve women from the pain of wearing heels for hours.

Danielle, who has worked in retail for 15 years at outlets like DSW and Express says she is delighted to take on her new position and is looking forward to the future:

“The foundation of Flat Out of Heels is there, and as we approach ten years of saving women’s aching feet, I am excited to use my retail experience to build and propel the company further.”

Dawn Dickson, Founder of Flat Out of Heels, comments: 

“Danielle has worked with Flat Out of Heels for several years on our digital marketing strategy; she brings years of retail experience to the team from sourcing, to marketing, to customer acquisition. As CEO of PopCom, my fast-growing tech company, I was no longer able to meet the increasing demands of managing Flat Out of Heels. Danielle is the perfect person to take the reins and usher Flat Out into our tenth year of business. I believe we have only scratched the surface of what we can do, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store.”

As a serial entrepreneur and inventor, Dawn is one of the few black female tech founders to raise over $3 million. She is the founder of PopCom, an automated retail technology company with a software solution to revolutionize automated retail. Dickson was recently awarded a patent for the PopShop, a smart vending machine that she calls the “iPhone of vending machines.” The design is sleek and innovative with a range of new features that are not available on traditional vending machines, including facial recognition, exterior cameras to collect data, advertising screens, and cashless payments with plans to accept digital currency in the near future. 

Dawn created Flat Out of Heels rollable flats out of necessity. In February 2011, she attended an event in South Beach, Miami, dressed to the nines in six-inch heels. After standing for hours, her feet were on fire, and she desperately searched for a place to purchase some affordable flats for relief…to no avail. It was at that moment that Dawn set out to create a fashionable, durable, and must-have rollable Flat that’s chic and durable enough for everyday use and dispensable out of vending machines to make purchasing convenient. Shortly after that, Flat Out of Heels was born.

 “Every woman can relate to the pain experienced after wearing high heels for hours,” Dawn adds. “The balls of her feet are throbbing, and all she wants to do is take them off, even resorting to walking barefoot to escape the pain. Selling shoes out of vending machines is how we are addressing this problem.”

The vending machines have been placed in the Atlanta Airport, Club LIV, Bayside Marketplace in Miami, MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and the company has recently placed a test machine in Polaris Fashion Place in Columbus, Ohio. The shoes have received celebrity endorsements and support from Eva Langoria, Lala Anthony, Claudia Jordan, Shaun Robinson, Meagan Good, and Vivica Fox, to name just a few. Flat Out of Heels recently appeared on the homepage of DSW.com and are scheduled to be featured on Zulilly in December.

For more information or to order, visit the website at www.flatoutofheels.com

About the Company

Founded in 2011 by serial entrepreneur and inventor Dawn Dickson, Flat Out of Heels offers stylish, comfortable, and rollable flats to relieve women’s aching feet from hours of wearing heels. The machine-washable flats are compact enough to fit in a clutch purse but durable enough for daily wear and come rolled tightly in a disposable box with a shoe bag conveniently included with the purchase. The product is available online, in stores, and vending machines across the US.