16 Best Men's Joggers of 2022: Style, Fit & Fabrics | SPY

Let’s face it – jeans and slacks were not made for comfort. While they may look nice, the fabrics are typically not desirable ones. In fact, when most people get home from a day at the office, running errands, or a formal event, the first thing they do once they walk in the door is change their clothes. And the reason they do this is simple – comfortability. 

So what are the top things men look for when shopping for a new pair of pants? Fabric is the number one factor that is considered. Sense of touch is crucial for clothing. Does it feel like the garment may be rough and itchy? Or silky and smooth? The thickness of the pants is also a key player. Considering what time of year you are looking for pants and where you plan to wear them plays a huge part. Are you going skiing in the Colorado mountains? Or are you just looking for some nice lounge pants to wear on vacation in Puerto Rico? Because no two bodies are the same, fit is a crucial component but will vary from man to man. Fit can be based on height, weight, and the tone of a man’s legs. Finally, check the price point. Most individuals go in with a specific budget in mind. However, if a man finds something that checks all of the boxes but is slightly over their ideal budget, it may be worth the splurge in the end. 

Regardless of what your priorities are, it is important that your everyday joggers mens are suitable for whatever activity you have planned. Joggers, also known as upgraded sweatpants, are less constricting than many other pants. There are many different reasons everyday joggers mens are purchased and worn, but here are just a few of the top reasons. 

Lounging Around

Everyone needs a lazy Saturday where you have nowhere to go and nothing to do. That’s the perfect time to pull out your everyday joggers mens and plop down in front of the television. They’re comfortable and stretchy, and if you spill some soda or chips on them, no sweat! Most pairs are machine washable and will come out looking as good as new. The best part of everyday joggers mens is that if you have any surprise visitors show up at your door, you can answer with confidence, knowing that you aren’t giving off the vibe that you just rolled out of bed. This is especially true with the tapered leg and the available sleek color options.

Working Out

At the gym, the athleisure you choose must be stretchy and moisture-wicking, making everyday joggers mens the perfect choice. Whether you’re doing squats, lunges, leg presses, or lifting weights, rest assured you can do so with ease in these breathable, lightweight pants. In addition, with the tapered leg that joggers offer, men’s legs can look more muscular and toned with this style. As an added bonus, most everyday joggers mens have pockets, making storing keys, wallets, and phones even easier while at the gym.

Cleaning and Yard Work

Just like working out, when a man is cleaning or doing yard work, they need pants that are tough, yet lightweight that will allow for easy movement. Both cleaning and yard work requires reaching up high and getting down and dirty to get the job done. Mud, dirt, grass, and sweat are no match against these cozy pants. 

On a Trip

It’s no secret that airline seats have continued to get smaller and smaller over the years. With limited leg room and your seatmates sitting just inches away, it can be not easy to get situated for what’s typically a several-hour flight. Everyday joggers mens are the perfect option for those situations where you want to be as comfortable as possible in an uncomfortable position. The lightweight fabric has you covered regardless of the plane’s temperature or the climate at the destination you are heading to. Spills and messes are no problem, so get cozy, sit back, and relax on the way to your final destination. 

Fashion Statement

Last but not least, you can not forget the fashion-forward men who are always dressed and ready to make a statement. Regardless of comfort, it is all about looking put together and ready to roll at a moment’s notice. Throw on a polo with some sneakers for a crisp look that can go from picking the kids up at school to happy hour to dinner. Joggers were designed to look great with almost any shoe style, so the choice is yours.

Regardless of what your style is, men’s joggers should be an essential piece for any man’s wardrobe. Dress them up or dress them down, but the versatility and comfortability make them a great pair of pants that can be worn all day long.