Hey Guys,
So…notice anything different???
Do you love??
An anniversary only comes around once a year, and you know I had to celebrate in style! The Fashion Bomb is all grown up, so I figured I’d ditch the pink, go for a fresh white, and a whole new layout. What do you think??
And this is only the beginning of the anniversary surprises. Stay tuned for best of’s this week, a hot, hot contest featuring products from a ton of designers, and my next event: An Anniversary/Fashion week party slated for September 8th. Get ready, it’s gonna be hot!

So the past year has been a lot of fun, and there’s a ton of stuff I enjoy doing for the Fashion Bomb. So here are 5 reasons you should keep coming, and to tell all your friends about the Fashion Bomb.
1. Real Style

Create Your Own
I love patrolling the crowd for fabulous fashionable people, and the streets of New York never disappoint! For the new year, I’ll try to get this on a more global or national scale, and I’ll need your help! Send me pix of your fashionable friends, and I’ll get my travel bug on as well.
2. My Sleuthing Abilities
Whether it’s Beyonce…

wearing H&M…

or Rihanna…

…rocking DSquared…

..and Christian Louboutin…

I always try to find you the celeb look…ideally for less!
3. Trend Talk
From flirty summer dresses..

or fall trends…

Fashion is fluid, and I try to give y’all the freshest, up to date details.
4. Spotlights on Stars of color.
From Eva the Diva…

…To Queen Latifah…

From Genevieve Jones…

…to Star Jones…

If your mainstream mag won’t celebrate ’em, I will!
5. YOU
Mail Bombs are cool, but nothing makes me want to blog more than getting mail like this:
“Keep up the good work with the blog! I love it!” Kristen Martin

“First, I wanted to say I LOVE YOUR SITE. YOU ARE FAB!!!!!!!!!!”
Keil, New Orleans, Louisiana

“Hey. I wanted to say I love your site and I visit it everyday!
thanks for giving me the heads up on fashion.” Nia

“I love your blog! I’m typically a personal finance blog snob, but my
weakness is fashion. I’m a New Yorker, but I’ve lived in Atlanta the
last 12 years. Your pics and “subway shots” make be think of

“Hi there! i love, love, LOVE ur blog soooo much. i always check it to
make sure that i’m on point with fashion and always try to catch up
with the sample sales! i actually finally caught one earlier this year
and got some great finds!” Kia

“First of all I must tell you that I absolutly love your blog. I think
it’s phenomenol especially as a black female to be able to have style
and stories that I am both intersted in and can relate to. I love your
style and I love the stories.” Marlie

“I LOVE the site. You really have a fresh eye and have
your finger on the pulse of fashion. I always agree with your
opinions and love the finds you locate for us.” Shamecia
Hey, I love you too! You make all the late nights and awkward street encounters worth it! So keep checking on in…and be sure to participate in the contest. You’re gonna love it.