What is scarier than pennywise? No doubt, it’s acne scars. If not treated within time, acne can leave horrible scars behind.

Less severe acne would leave a spot behind that you can treat with home remedies. However, inflammatory acne such as cysts, pustules, nodules create an impact deep within your skin. That results in acne scars that would ruin your skin’s texture, natural glow, and softness.

The best way to get rid of acne scars is to treat the acne on time. 

A few legitimate treatments and remedies offered by dermatologists can clear your skin with a course of medicines. 

You can also try these acne scar removal treatments in Singapore and opt for the treatments that are best suited for your needs. Sozo Clinic has a series of treatments that can permanently get rid of scars. 

Now, before making you aware of the treatments, let’s walk through the simple process of identifying acne scars.

How To Identify Acne Scars?

Depending on the acne and its severity, acne scars has two types: 

  • Depressed/ cavity like scars
  • Elevation/ raised scars

Depressed acne or atrophic acne scars are hard to treat, and it has three different types.

  1. Boxcar

If you see u shaped shallow scars with defined edges, then you might be facing boxcar scars. It could be rectangular-shaped depression with steep. 

The more resonant the cavity, the more difficult it would be to get rid of it. 

2. Ice Pick Scars 

Ice pick scars are narrow, deep, v-shaped, and are mostly round or oval shaped. These are a bit complex to treat and might take a lot of time to go away completely. 

3. Rolling Scars

Rolling scars are irregular. Mostly with rounded edges, these scars are wider. You won’t notice any deep cavities, but it’s better to get the treatment started before it gets worse. 

Elevated acne scars:

Elevated acne scars or hypertrophic scars have bumps or elevation like black spots or reddish spots above the skin. The bumps are the outcomes of excess collagen secreted during the healing process. 

While scars in the early stage are easily treatable with home remedies, consulting a dermatologist would be a good choice. 

Let’s first find out some home remedies before moving to the treatments and medications. 

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars At Home?

Some of the below remedies may work for you, and some won’t. While traditional remedies can cure acne and scars, there isn’t a solid correlation between them. 

  1. Aloe Vera: Natural aloe vera gel would do wonders for the skin.
  2. Coconut Oil: Gently massage coconut oil on the scars to see the difference. 
  3. Raw Honey: You can either apply raw honey directly to the scars or use it with a facepack to maximize the result. 

The best way to start with the above remedies is as soon as you see acne. The scars might not appear at all. 

If you feel the scars are not curing your expectations, time will rush to the dermatologist. 

Medical Treatments To Cure Acne Scars

Based on the severity and types of scars, dermatologists will suggest any below treatment remove the scars permanently. 

1. Laser Treatments

Laser treatments remove the uppermost layer of the skin without using any chemicals. The fresh layer of skin underneath will promote new cell generation. 

2. Chemical Peels

Based on your skin type, a chemical peel would work for you. Usually, peels containing trichloroacetic acid works for every skin type. Based on your tolerance to the peels, doctors will recommend a specific peel to treat the scars. 

3. Dermal Fillers

If your skin permits, without showing allergic reactions, then dermal filters reduce the acne scars. A soft tissue filter using products containing collagen gradually removes the scars permanently. 

4. Injections

In case of elevated or raised scars, special medication injected into the bump softens and reduces the scar. A course of injections would permanently flatten the scar resulting in clear skin. 

You still have time. Any of the above treatments would be a savior to your skin. Get rid of those scars and bring back the natural softness on your skin.