“The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.”–Paris Hilton

Hey Y’all,
So I received an invite to an event last night called ‘Fashion with Compassion’…


…hosted by fabulous former Vibe, Essence, and Honey mag editor Michaela Angela Davis. The goal of the evening was to mingle with fellow urban fashionistas while shopping for shoes (with a portion of the sale proceeds going towards Black Girls Rock Inc, a non profit mentoring organization for teenage women of color). Shoes? Fashion? Mingling? Sounded right up my alley, so after work, I made my way over to Te Casan in Soho…

…to see what was what.
The gathering was already in full swing with people shopping…


…and socializing….

…with drinks in hand.
Of course I had to scout the room for fashionable folk, and the partygoers did not disappoint!

Najwa Moses of the hot blog Styleaholics was in the house looking pretty in pink and black.

Graphic prints and footless tights worked for the young lady on the left, while diva on the right exudes class in a smart jacket and updo.

The epitome of casual chic? A Yankees fitted, skinny jeans, and Pro-Keds.

A tailored jacket and fun t-shirt complement this stylist’s caramel colored boots and matching satchel.

The flowy top and ground grazing dress of this pair show that hot graphic prints are the ‘it’ trend this spring.

These two mixed urban edge with classic pieces. Check out homegirl’s fierce Chanel bag paired with a t-shirt, jeans, and cap.

This young lady’s sophisticated office outfit is instantly sassified with deep blue patent leather peep toes.

And these two were dapper, and utterly stylish. Where were they last week??

Anyway, I had a great time meeting a few more of NYC’s finest fashionistas! I also had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Michaela (such a sweetheart!) who told me Honey Magazine…

…is coming back full force. Check out www.honeymag.com for particulars. Now, would you be down for a re-up? Do you miss Honey like you miss Suede?
Let me know!
PS The Fashion Bomb is sponsoring yet another event! Come out to Loft NYC (505 Columbus Avenue bet 84th and 85th) this Saturday night, April 28th to celebrate jewelry cyberstore Boutique Finesse’s One Year Anniversary!

Click to Enlarge
We’re toasting with champagne, 2 for 1 bellinis, and a bit of shopping for the early birds. And if you come dressed in your best ‘fit, you’re instantly entered in a contest to win a $50 glam bag of jewelry (for chicest chick) or a bottle of champagne (for the flyest guy)! I’m roving the crowd and snapping pix with a Polaroid camera in hand…and this time I’ll have the final say as to the winner:)
Anyway, y’all should roll out! To view Boutique Finesse’s hot gems, visit www.boutiquefinesse.com or check out a post I wrote about them here.

9 thoughts on “Real Style: Fashion with Compassion + TFB’s Next Event!”

  1. I wonder who’s funding the resurfacing of Honey. The only reason why Suede was cancelled is because Esssence was sold to TIME and they weren’t backing the expensive project Suede was.

    To me, Honey is just a younger Essence and really not that necessary especially with Vibe Vixen on the magazine racks. Now Suede, was purely fashion for the urban fashionista and that will diversify women of color’s options as opposed to just giving them another.

  2. Honey when Michaela angela Davis was the Editor (all 2 issues at the end) was fabulous! I’d definitely re-subscribe if she’s back at the helm.

  3. I loved Suede and Honey and I was quite disappointed when I realized they stopped publishing them. I think Honey and especially Suede appeal to a different demographic than Vibe Vixen, they were meant for young, urban, educated, conscious fashionistas. They are a bit more sophisticated and much more well rounded than Vixen. I haven’t been very excited about the few issues of Vixen I have read. It would be great to have Honey back on the market, because I don’t feel there is a magazine out there at the moment that adequately represents my interests.

  4. Vixen is for tweens and Essence is for old ladies. There’s nothing out there for grown & sexy women who are out of college, yet not holding down a family. We need Honey & Suede back.

  5. Hey Fashion Bomber! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you’re blog…count me into the loyal circulation!

    It was really great to meet you at this event (I’m the peep-toe sassified one :0)

    One request for a future post…could you give your take on how many bags and/or shoes a girl should have and what you think the REAL staples are…not the waspy Martha Stewart round-ups that are usually outthere…somethin for the urban fashionista Honeys!

    Keep Shining!

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