9 thoughts on “Fashion Week in Chic: DSquared2’s Rooftop Party, New York’s Suite Addiction, and Giorgio Armani!”

  1. Why is Amerie so white all of a sudden? :|

    I like Alicia’s look, Eva looks HOTT, Ciara’s boots are fab just whish the shirt was more fitted and/or less blah & Kerry looks pretty.

  2. i’m sooooo diggin alicia’s jacket, especially the red plaid lining on the inside. does anyone know who it’s by or where i can find something similar?

  3. Love Ciara’s and Kelly’s boots, but Ci Ci could have freaked her outfit a little more than what she did. Alicia looks good, love Eva’s style, and WTH is that first chick?

  4. i have to say Alicia did it the best! Simple and chic! go girl!(1st place)

    i think Cici did good the boots are serious so she had to do everything else simple to stand out!! go cicic (2nd place)

    Kelley shoe game is CRAZYYYY!!! but i dont really like the outfit with it! i think she should kept it simple (tight black dress or blazer) and let the shoes take over. (3rd place)

    i luv eva but im not really digging the whole outfit (the shoes could be more amazing! lol…

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