In the past decades, many considered smoking a habit of the outgoing, desirable and trendy people. No small thanks to the movies and music stars. However, time is fast-changing, and smoking is becoming a faux pas, especially in public. As more and more people become health-conscious, vaping was embraced as a way to escape from the health implications of smoking.

Vaping initially caught attention as it was marketed as a safer alternative to smoking. Now, e-cigarettes are replacing tobacco as a way to feel cool in public perception. Vapes look way better and more modern than cigarettes. Companies now make them in different sizes and shapes to appeal to the young generation. With many vaping brands available, it is easier to find the best Vape kits by type and suitability that suit you when shopping from a reliable retailer. So before you make the next purchase for your first vape purchase, let’s help you find the connection between vaping and fashion.

Vaping Devices are Modern and Trendy

Though there are other smoking alternatives, none are as appealing as electronic cigarettes. Despite having been around since 2006, the popularity of vaping took off in 2016 when the manufacturers got creative. A good move considering the target is the younger generation. 

To this group of people, vaping allows them to show their friends that they are in the know. Besides the well-publicized risk of smoking tobacco, walking about with the old version of tobacco smell sucks. With no general rules on vaping in public, it is better to show off your smoking skill with less health risk while smelling cool. 

Vaping is Fashionable

Unsurprisingly, people consider their styles and outfits when buying a new electronic device, especially since they take it everywhere. As a result, the vaping market is filled with devices of different sizes, shapes, and colors. A matching vape pod or pen style is a plus, even if it is not the first criterion for choosing a vaping device. 

Regardless of your style, there are many options to make a fashion statement with vaping devices. First, check out any reputable vape store. The chances are good that you will find an excellent selection of vapes in different colors and shapes to pump your personality and style. 

Keep up with The Vaping Culture

Once you become a vaper, one of the first things you notice is the vibrant vaping community. The modern culture appeals to many young people who are ex-smokers and casual vapers. The community is considered well-knitted, with members across different spheres of life. Vapers have their terminology with which they recognize and communicate among themselves. Shark Bends, Flooding, All day vape, Ghost Draw, and Cloud chasers are just a few of the numerous slangs and tricks adopted by the vaping community. 

Besides the language, many members proudly show their affiliation with their fashion. Merches with imprints of the famous lingo and vape-related art are readily available online. One way to recognize a member of this group is the fashion style they adopt most of the time in line with the latest fashion craze. Aside from the regular clothes like hoodies, sneakers, t-shirts, and baseball caps, stickers and keychains are accessories to recognize pro vapers.

Joining The Vaping Competition

As more people join the vaping community, subtle or actual competition is inevitable. Like smokers, vapers who have attained some experience level don’t waste time showing off their vape skills with cool tricks in social gatherings. Making different shapes like a magician with vapor is one sure sign of a pro vaper. Anyone looking for a new scheme to try with vaping will find several on youtube, Instagram, or Tik Tok. 

Since making ‘magic’ with vaping is an excellent way to show off, the community has taken the trend to a competitive level. Vaping competition, also known as cloud-chasing, is going against others to score judgment by making the most dramatic imagery with vapor. Of course, you have to carry a vape with big tanks and incredible flavors to pull off the most impressive vaping tricks. 

Showing Class with Vape Devices

Over the years, manufacturers have realized that vaping products serve other innate purposes beyond curbing nicotine addiction or quitting smoking. As a result, the devices have become more aesthetic, and extra cool features have been added. Now, the exterior of a vape is as essential as the ingredients of the e-liquid. 

Classic gentlemen who value elegance and pay attention to every little detail only go for vape pens that scream luxury. Individual motivations and preferences vary when selecting a vape product based on outlook. Those that want to show off their status with their vaping pen will find rose gold vape pens very appealing. Some are also made of wood, resin, marble, etc. Lovers of art have expansive options of art embellished vape mods to choose from at most retailers. The inspirations and choices are endless for fashionistas to make a statement with their vaping devices. 

Celebrity Influence

In this age, celebrities are the driving forces of any trend. And it is no secret that a good number of them smoke, probably to ease off pressure and stress. But, most likely for health concerns, celebrities are swapping the trashy habits of smoking cigarettes for vaping. Several celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Hammond, Katy Perry, Gary Oldman, Jack Nicholson, Katherine Heigl, Samuel L Jackson, and many more make vaping look pretty. 

Many people started smoking from the influence of watching their favorite stars on screens. It is expected that more and more smokers will ditch cigarette sticks for less harmful yet fashionable vaping pens. 

What makes vapes so fashionable?

Pop culture made people believe that smoking cigarette is dope for so long. Realistically, nothing remotely groovy about inhaling harmful chemicals and walking around with tobacco stench. On the other hand, Vaping provides the same smoking pleasure with better overall hygiene and less health risk to you or others. Vaping evokes a sense of class and has come to stay as a fashion accessory for casual vapers and ex-smokers.