Fashion is designed to make you look good, but what if it could make you feel amazing, as well? Not just in terms of confidence but also in terms of your physical health. Well, in many ways, it can. While the fashion industry is worth around $1.5 trillion, the fitness industry is worth $159.10 billion. Today, these two worlds are colliding. Here are three types of fashion that have a real impact on your physical health.

Luxury Activewear

How much time do you put into selecting your sportswear? For most people, it’s an afterthought that doesn’t require the fashion part of the brain to activate. However, if you hate what you look like in your gym gear, then you’ll be unlikely to go and work out in public. The more you invest in looking great in your activewear, the more you’ll want to get active.

Even if it’s just for a gym mirror selfie, great-looking sports clothing motivates you to get out there and exercise. There are some awesome new brands in the fitness world to look out for. Fabletics, Girlfriend Collective, and Lululemon are some top brands that make activewear that you’ll just love putting on.

Smart Clothes 

First, there were smartphones, then smart TVs, and even smart homes. Now, the latest trend is smart clothes. As the name suggests, these are items of clothing that can track and monitor certain bodily functions. This helps you keep on top of your vitals and nudges you towards making healthier lifestyle choices.

Brands like Wearable X and Ambiotex make sportswear that tracks your heart rate and stress levels. These are a staple of the professional athletics world but are increasingly used by the general public. Beyond this, though, check out the smart denim jacket made by Levi’s and Google, which allows you to check your phone notifications during your commute.

Fitness Tracking Smartwatches

Outside of smart clothing, there are also accessories that perform a similar function. These aren’t just bits of tech, though, but rather just another fashion accessory. You can look online for a blood pressure watch on superwatches and you’ll quickly find that they look pretty trendy these days. An Apple watch of Fitbit can enhance your style and help you look great while out and about.

Like smart clothes, these watches can track a number of functions within your body. They’ll keep an eye on your blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels. This will let you know if you’re moving towards developing any dangerous conditions like obesity, heart attacks, strokes, or diabetes. Avoid all these problems by swapping your Rolex for a smartwatch.

The fashion industry is always evolving and transforming. In 2022, expect to see it merge with technology to create clothes that don’t only look incredible but also benefit your health and wellbeing. This is a great way to combine looking your best with giving your body the right care it needs to thrive. The three fashion items above are just a few examples of fashion and fitness combining perfectly.