On the surface, fashion seems like nothing more than people parading around in designer clothes and bold accessories. However, when you think about it more, you will realize that many individuals actually rely on fashion to make statements about themselves. In fact, it is through the clothes they wear that they show the world what kind of a person they are.

A piece of garment that can speak volumes about one’s personality and character is the graphic shirt. This top style typically includes images and quotes that express how an individual is feeling at the moment and what their general state of mind is. It is these eye-catching designs that turn heads and even serve as conversation starters where you can’t find the words to talk to someone.

Whether it is a slogan about supporting the environment or a bold logo of your favorite band, here are five fashion statements you can make through your favorite graphic tee.

A casual believer

Graphic t-shirts with catchy statements are one the most popular top styles among fashionistas. The statements can be about anything from random messages such as a cute birthday slogan or something more inspiring like supporting the female empowerment community.

For example, a graphic tee with a memorable catchphrase that has the power to get you going in the morning and increase your energy levels is the uplifting coffee and Jesus shirt. This is such a casual graphic tee to express that you are a true coffee lover that believes your java and Jesus are the only things that can push you in the morning.  

You can style it with your favorite pair of denim jeans and flawlessly elevate your look while feeling energized all day long.

An edgy fashionista

If you are not afraid to experiment with your fashion style, then opting for a graphic t-shirt with an edgy design is a great way to do that. This kind of top typically includes logos of rock bands and bold prints normally made with direct to film printers. These prints add a dash of edginess to an otherwise simple look.

Whether it is a popular metal band tee or a quirky ghost shirt, there are so many graphic t-shirt styles you can opt for to show the world you can be edgy and playful with your fashion taste.

When it comes to pairing these shirts, you can easily combine them with black leather pants or a skirt. Complete your look with a dramatic hairstyle, a pair of round sunglasses and bold pieces of jewelry.

A sophisticated office lady

Although most companies require a formal dress code consisting of a neutral color pantsuit, you can still keep things classy by spicing up your conservative look with a subtle graphic t-shirt. This is such a great alternative to the classic blouses as the graphic tee has the ability to add visual interest to the entire ensemble.

When looking for such a graphic top style for your office look, make sure you go for the ones that feature a tiny logo or a motivational slogan written in smaller prints. These types of graphic shirts are able to flawlessly and discreetly add a touch of flair to your basic office outfit while showing your colleagues that you are still sophisticated.

If you want, you can complete your look with a statement layered necklace.

A bold dame

Generally, the bold fashion style is characterized with vibrant colors, prints and embroidery expressing confidence and stylishness. If this describes you, then you should definitely go for graphic t-shirts in bold shades and cute designs to balance out uniqueness and sophistication.

For example, if you have to go on a brunch date with your friends, then you should consider choosing a graphic tee with flower prints or striped designs. You can style such a t-shirt either with bright color trousers or a long maxi skirt and show the world that you are a cool girl with a sophisticated vibe.

If you want to take your look to a new fashion level, put on a longline blazer to accentuate your style and showcase the silhouette at its best.  

A sporty chic girl

A fashion trend that has become quite popular among celebrities and Instagram bloggers is the sporty chic style. This look combines sporty and city-chic elements together that create comfortable and trendy outfits. A garment piece that can add more flair to such ensembles is the graphic tee.

Whether the shirt features a “Go Hard, Go Home” slogan or an animation of a dog working out, this top style is a great choice for putting together basic athleisure looks. You can pair it with joggers or black leggings and show everyone that you can look comfortable and chic at the same time.

To complete your look, toss on a baseball cap and put on your favorite crossbody bag to create a modern, sporty look.

Final thoughts

If you rely on fashion to express what kind of person you are and what you are into, then graphic t-shirts should definitely be your staple piece. This top style features many cool, animated and wicked designs and colors that can be easily paired with any type of bottom wear. They can speak volumes about you and show the world what your general state of mind is.

If you need help achieving this, refer back to our examples here and choose the graphic t-shirt that sends out the right message about you.