While it may seem like your sense of style is impeccable, and all of your friends want to dress like you, you might be surprised at some of the fashion rules you are breaking on a daily basis! No need to be alarmed, fashion rules are not the law when it comes to how you dress, they are simply suggestions to follow. 

The fun of fashion is that you get to make it your own through experimentation, but it is good to know what kinds of rules you break, and what this means for your wardrobe. Check out the fashion rules that you do not even know you are breaking.

Vertical and Horizontal Stripe Patterns

Stripes are a good way to alter the perception of your body shape or size. For slim people, you might try to wear some nice horizontal striped patterns to appear slightly bigger, and for larger folks, a nice vertical stripe shirt can appear slimming. One common rule is to never mix these two together, it creates a very odd distortion that makes you look like you have two different body shapes. Imagine a vertical striped pair of business casual pants, and a horizontal striped shirt. Not a good look, right? Even clothing with a simple or subtle single stripe can create this optical illusion, so it is best to avoid mixing these patterns.

Mismatched Textures and Fabrics

Much like striped patterns, there is a rule that you should never mix too many textures, fabrics, or unique patterns either. However, some of the fabric patterns from Engineered Garments actually disprove this fashion rule. Neutral colored coats or pullovers can be layered with other patterns to create a very rich palate in your wardrobe. Sometimes these fashion rules are merely suggestions because mixing patterns are part of the fun of fashion experimentation. A floral print sweater can be mixed well with a beige, navy or black clothes. Designers have been mixing these fun styles for years, so have some fun yourself and try it out.

Never Wear Too Much of the Same Color

This rule is pretty true, but it depends on the color you are wearing. An all-gray outfit would look like you are wearing your Sunday comfies, but all black can be sleek and modern. It depends on what pieces you are wearing and how you are wearing them. Black is slimming, so this is considerably less of a faux pa than it would be to wear an entire outfit of tan colors. Likewise, matching tones or hues of color can work to your benefit, or against it. You do not want to appear as a blob of blue, pink, or black. Consider what clothing pieces you are wearing and find a way to make it work. Black button-up shirts or blouses and pants do well together, but a gray sweater and gray sweatpants are just unsightly.


Own a Statement Piece

This rule is less about committing a fashion crime, and more about finding something you love. Many people have a well-rounded wardrobe, but they lack that one shirt, coat, dress, or pair of shoes that can really pull (almost) anything together. It does not hurt to splurge on one of these statement clothing pieces that can help you open up your creativity and breathe new life into your outfit choices. While statement pieces can be more expensive because they are considerably nicer, that is not always the case. You can find statement pieces from vintage shops for a bargain as well.

Matching Accessories to Your Outfit

One common mistake that people make when putting together an outfit is wearing accessories or jewelry like belts, bracelets, necklaces or watches, that do not match the rest of their outfit. This is a fashion rule that is often broken, but you do not need to strictly adhere to it. Again, fashion is about having fun and wearing what you feel comfortable in. Wearing stuff that makes you feel confident includes having a funky piece of jewelry that can stand out, as long as it is not an unsightly color or design. Watches and belts are usually easiest to match, but experimentation is best done with accessories because they do not take up as much eyesight.

There are many unwritten fashion rules that you might be breaking every day, but that does not mean that you are committing a fashion crime. In fact, breaking some of these rules can result in some interesting outfit combinations. The best rule of thumb when it comes to fashion is to have fun, and see what does and does not work.


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