Last night curvaceous Toccara made her way to the premiere of Cadillac Records in NYC:


All looks fine until you reach Toccara’s legs, where it seems she quickly popped on a pair of sheer stockings in a color far from ‘mocha brown.’
Can’t blame her: it’s hard to find hosiery that actually complements our skin color. I remember back in the day finding a few pairs of Mahogany sheer hose at Kroger, but now I just skip the drama and opt for a pair of black opaques.
Still, this begs the question: Have you guys found a great brand of brown skin colored pantyhose??

21 thoughts on “Fashion Query: Stockings for Brown Skinned Bombshells”

  1. I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t buy them anymore. I just make sure my leg are hairless and good oil and there you go. I think bare is sexy.

  2. I think bare is sexy too but if your someone who really wants to wear stockings than Brown Sugar is a great brand. I am chocolate and they match me perfectly. They can be found at most Walgreens and stores like Target and maybe WalMart.

  3. I used to love Calvin Klein’s in Murmur but they discontinued the color. Now I wear Hanes Silk Reflections in Pecan, I think. The match well enough.

    Tocarra’s issue may have been the flash lighting from the cameras.

  4. I buy most of my stockings from Lane Bryant but if I also like Brown Sugar stockings from the drugstore.

  5. Yeah but none of these brands provide the same control top effect that Spanx does. I wear Cocoa, which can only be purchased at Nordstrom.

  6. dont know bout the brown stocking thang…it really reminds me fo my granny, stretching the stockings to make them longer…..i personally agree with angela, and say go without the stockings…….got a niche for m vintage shyt…check out…..

  7. Berkshire Ultra Sheer stockings in French Coffee (or Utopia) are perfect for darker skin tones! I’m about an NW47 (in MAC foundations) and when I used to wear stockings (I had to—I worked for a stuffy bank at the time…lol) they were so sheer and so close to my skin tone that I was often asked by management if I was wearing stockings. Check them out here:–Non-Control-Top–Sandalfoot

  8. One more thing—Berkshire also has shades that look like they’d work perfectly for carmel skin tones, too :)

  9. I usually skip the hosiery, but Brown Sugar makes some amazingly silk-like stockings (yes, stockings! death to pantyhose!) I like jet brown and jet black.

  10. In a crunch, I will wear Brown Sugar in Coffee. However, I prefer Berkshire because they tend to run less. Bare legs are the sexist but that is not usually may angle when attending church, so I wear stocking there- only.

  11. BROWN SUGAR! I have a caramel complexion and my mother has a chocolate complexion…but somehow, the extreme sheerness of the pantyhose can be worn by both of us. The only bad side is that they will definitely run by the second time you wear them.

    I don’t care if they run….they make my legs look the best.

  12. Here in the Chi, unless it’s between April(sometimes) and October(the first 2 weeks), pantyhose aren’t an option. The wind chill was 9 yesterday and I had to get some pantyhose to wear to an event tomorrow. I find that L’eggs Silken Mist in Sun Beige-which isn’t truly beige-blends perfectly with my caramel skin tone. Plus, they last a few wearings and are only 3-4 bucks. They also come in a “shaper” style for the same price, if you need/want that.

  13. Ladies Ladies hosiery is sexy real men love to see them wearing sexy stockings and pantyhose,it make your legs good and they feel great when we toching your legs.I’m with taking it back to the old school when you saw ladies wearing them all the time from the boardroom to the bedroom………… Oh yeah stop wearing them cheap grocery store brands,haven’t you heard you get what you pay for.Brands like Wolford and Fogal don’t run like the cheap brands… believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. If you’re dressing to impress yourself or other women, then continue to listen to those fashion consultants who are not sexually attracted to women and don’t care what we heteral men find sexy and classy in what a woman wears, and keep wondering why your man is cheating, or has left you for another woman, who knows we want to see women wear nylons whenever they put on a dress and heels! We are tired of looking at your bare toe pedicure that would look more sexy and classy seen through nylons!!!! If you’re wearing summer clothes, bare legs and feet are fine, but when you’re dressing to go out to a nice, classy dinner, a nightclub, church, or concert, and you’re wearing heels, we feel most attracted, and pay more attention to the women wearing nylons.

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