Have you gathered up your $3K for Vogue’s Forces of Fashion Conference next month? Well, the iconic publication has given us another reason to make the major splurge, as Rihanna has been announced as a speaker at the momentous event:

The reasons for this move are plentiful. Rihanna has been a Vogue cover girl multiple times over; her FENTY x PUMA has been wildly successful and shows this Sunday, September 10th; her FENTY Beauty line is debuting in just a few days; she’s a force to be reckoned with in global fashion.

We’re giddy with excitement when we think about all the things Rihanna could wear, what hairstyle she’ll choose, and what nuggets of wisdom are sure to come from her very candid discussion.

Are you excited to get Rihanna’s thoughts on fashion?

Spied @ VOGUE