It seems young British model Jourdan Dunn is expecting a child:

Jourdan Dunn Pregnant

In a article, Senior Editor Meredith Melling Burke offers the 19-year-old suggestions on what she should wear, saying, “[here are a few] fall picks…for this expectant young Londoner, due in December.”

Jourdan Dunn

See outfit suggestions for the Mommy to be here.

Jourdan has made quite a splash in her short career, being named British Fashion Awards’ 2008 Model of the Year, stomping for Prada after a 10 year black model drought, and gracing the cover of Italian Vogue’s historic All Black issue.

Do you think this signals the end of her career?

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15 thoughts on “Fashion News: Jourdan Dunn is Pregnant”

  1. Awww I hope that it’s not the end for her career. She’s so close to the top. Hopefully having a baby won’t hinder her dreams. She can most definitely have both. Congrats if this is true!

  2. Man, i have a feeling this is the end ya’ll. Having a child at the highlight of your career…not good for ur career. A child is a blessing though and i wish her the best…on both her personal life and her career.

  3. I am no one to judge & new life is beautiful, but it makes me a bit sad that she is so young with so much potential in her career and there is the possibility it may be lost. Being that she is still fairly new to the modeling world designers may not be as quick to remember her as they may a super model that has been in the field for a longer time if/when she is ready to get back into the world of modeling. Either way congratulations & I wish her the very best.

  4. I wish her the best. But I wouldn’t be surprised if her star power diminished a little (and this early in her career, a little may be all it takes). I think it also depends on how available her support system (family, father?) is to make sure she doesn’t miss a beat.

  5. Wow I saw this in her tFS thread a 2 weeks ago and hoped it was a nasty rumor.

    I won’t lie I’m a little disappointed esp. since in interviews she seemed to have her head on and understand how difficult being a young mother was for her mum especially with an absent dad.
    I’m not saying she should have abstained but I felt that she had the intelligence and tools to be smarter and protect herself.

    That being said what is done is done and I applaud her for making the transition to expectant mother and taking care of her new responsibility and bundle of joy.

  6. I’m sorry, but that’s a BAD move for her. Yes, all children are a blessing, but come on Jourdan! There aren’t many ethnic faces on the runways as it is! Now we lose one of our major contenders and we’ll have to depend on Chanel Iman to keep it all together? Lord help us…

    Overall, I wish her and her baby love and blessings, regardless.

    In the meantime, who’s next?

  7. Doesn’t Liya Kebede have 2 or 3 kids? And she’s relatively young… Lawd, I hope Jourdan can pull it off!! I like her better than Chanel!

  8. I definitely don’t think children are the end of anyone’s career. If regular women do it everyday, who says Jourdan Dunn can’t? Look at Heidi Klum …she had a child one week and then weeks after was stomping the runway in the Victoria’s Secret show…don’t sleep on a model’s ability to bounce back!

  9. She’s having a baby…she’s not dying of a terminal illness.

    Congrats Jourdan! May the universe smile upon you and your child

    -creative artist

  10. A baby is a blessing, but keep it real:
    *She’s nineteen. Teenage unwed mother.
    *Shooting star. How is she gonna focus on her career with a newborn child?
    *Baby weight and baby body. No Prada shows with hips.
    Liya and Heidi can do what they want b/c they paid their dues when they were young, rocked out on covers, in spreads, etc for YEARS before they had children.
    You can’t deny this is really bad timing, but who knows. Nothing’s impossible.

  11. @noname
    I agree! Let’s all be realistic. She hasn’t solidified her career yet. You can’t compare her to Heidi Klum or Lidya Kebede who had their kids waaay after they left an imprint in the modelling industry. I personally LOVE me some Ms. Dunn. She is beautiful and has such a striking face as well as Sessiliee Lopez.

    I would LOVE to see who the father is.

  12. Bad timing for sure. I’m sure this isn’t the end of her career, but it does limit it. Good luck to her and I hope the father is around to help raise his child.

  13. That’s so funny that people are suggesting her career is over. Women saying this. WOW. How regressive are we? Having a child, is a choice. Just like having an abortion at 19 is a choice, so is having a child. And you should respect her choice. How dare any of us, “keep it real” and say it’s over for her. No, she just has to work twice as hard to get rid of haters like ya’ll. Damn shame.

  14. @TJ Please get off your feminist soap box. We are not haters, we are realists. There is a difference. If you break your leg you can’t run a marathon. If you injure your hand, you’re useless as a secretary. If you have a baby, gain weight, and alter your body, it’s totally possible you can no longer model. There are exceptions to the rule, but don’t act like having a baby doesn’t threaten her career. It’s not hate, it’s just fact.

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