It with great sadness that we share the news of the women’s brand Cushnie and its closing. Earlier today, Carly Cushnie of the Cushnie brand announced that it will be closing it doors for good. The brand’s demise stems from COVID-19 complications and the discriminatory stigma of the fashion industry.

The news was brought to fans through an Instagram post on the Cushnie page. Carly Cushnie expressed, “While this past year has been challenging, it has allowed me the time to reflect, reset and realign my goals and my passion for design has never been stronger. I recognize the power of my presence and will continue to fight for the causes and values I believe in, and will always continue to create.

Like many other brands and retailers, the designer and founder accounted the brand’s closing to the ongoing pandemic stating, “the effects of COVID-19 have hurt my business beyond repair.”

She also described that she was also placed at a disadvantage as a Black woman as she witnessed male counterparts in the fashion industry get awarded with more favorable circumstances: “While there are many achievements I am so proud of, it would be neglectful not to acknowledge having to fight much harder than my male peers to be afforded the same opportunities.

Additionally, Carly Cushnie also recalls major moments with the brand such as appearing on Beyoncé and Michelle Obama and becoming the first Black female designer to launch a collaboration with Target.

Carly Cushnie closes with many thanks to everyone who has supported her along with plans to “embark on what’s to come” in creating and designing.

We’re going to miss Cushnie!