Summer 2018 just got a lot better for the Beyhive. Fans asked, and Beyoncé has responded. Today Balmain announced a limited-edition collection with Beyoncé featuring Beychella inspired threads. Remember her bejeweled sorority inspired graphic hoodies? Well, starting this weekend you will be able to purchase one.

On what this collaboration means, Balmain designer Oliver Rousteing said, “I worked really long with her on the Beychella moments, and the fact that we can release this collaboration that is based on our creativity, Beyoncé and I, is really a big, big step for fashion and music together...Beyoncé, she’s such a perfectionist; she’s someone that is so strong and has such a great point of view. She’s about feminism, empowering women, and the idea of bringing that collaboration where we can share the same ideas, the same vision of music, the same vision of fashion, the same vision of what is going on in the world, it’s more than just clothes. It’s a strong message, and I’m really proud to be a part of that.”

The capsule collection is limited to hoodies and one black tee. The black tee designed with the BΔK graphic will retail for $290 and the sweaters will range from $590-$1790, based on if you get a hoodie festooned with sequins or one with a simple graphic

It’s a bit pricey, but what would you expect from a BeyonceXBalmain collaboration? The good news is all proceeds will benefit the United Negro College Fund, following the $100,000 Beyoncé already donated after her epic HBCU Coachella performance. Bey is absolutely doing it for the culture!

The pieces will be available in Balmain’s Paris flagship store on Friday 7/13 and on and on Saturday 7/14. So, now the big question– will you be purchasing?!