Last year Mattel completely revamped Barbie’s style with trendy outfits, realistic curves, and more. Now the doll manufacturing company has unveiled Barbie’s revamped boyfriend, Ken. The Ken collection features 3 different body types, seven skin tones and nine hairstyles.


Ken has evolved quite a lot since when the doll was first released in the 1960’s. Mattel says they are “redefining what a Barbie or Ken doll looks like to this generation.” Barbie now has a Ken to match her fly and children can play with dolls who look like them.

The Ken Fashionista Collection is available at select stores. It will be available everywhere on July 8. For now, you can shop here. The dolls are only $9.99 and there are outfits sold separately like “Hawaiian Style” and “Formal Fun.”

Will you be shopping this collection for your mini bombshell or bomber?

Photos Courtesy of CNN and USA Today.