New York Magazine’s the Cut was in the room when Amber Rose took her first steps as a runway model for four-year-old brand Celestino:

Amber Rose Celestino

Amber Rose walks for Celestino

They say, “Amber walked in the finale look: a white, strapless wedding dress with a long train. How does she measure up as a model? A few of her colleagues seemed to struggle with the sky-high heels, and she was no exception, sadly (either that or her dress was too tight). She kept a poker face, with her shoulders back, but appeared to be taking short, stilted steps. Luckily, she didn’t trip on her hemline, so for that we chalk it up as runway success.”

It seems as if the prestige of New York Magazine’s name didn’t help them get an interview with the elusive Rose, who fled the scene immediately. As you might remember, Amber also refused interviews when we saw her at Hussein Chalayan in Paris.
At any rate, we hope to catch up with her this year in Europe!
In the meantime, what do you think of her runway debut?

6 thoughts on “Fashion News: Amber Does her First Runway Show with Celestino”

  1. I like it, this is a good look for her. The big tattoo on her arm takes away from the classiness of the dress; they should’ve covered that up.

  2. I’m so glad to finally see a realistically sized model on the runway, not just in her own separate “real-sized model” genre. Hopefully this is a harbinger of what is to come for those of us with actual sized bodies so we can see what the clothes will look like on us. EVERY model going down the runway should have a realistic size! and Amber Rose is beautiful.

  3. Amber does amazing editorial work, however, I kinda expected her runway presentation to leave much to be desired. I think it should also be noted that not all models are made to walk to runway; there are MANY models (I can think of a few prominent ones) that are photogenic so they take gorgeous pictures but can’t walk their ass outa box.
    The runway walk is a skill that takes practice. This is Amber’s first show. However, I do think she should stick to what she knows best: posing for the camera. Besides, she’s a too thick to be couture shows.

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