The world of fashion is one that witnesses constant changes. Not only do these alterations materialize in the various products made by fashion houses, but they also extend to other facets of the brands such as stores and websites. Although many high-fashion brands retain certain aspects of their signature look in order to stand out, it’s common to see them shift gears in terms of accessories, designs, and interior decors in order to keep up with the competition. 

When it comes to sprucing up the interiors of business premises, the use of indoor signage is a surefire way of making a difference. Apart from giving instructions and directions, signs can be used to engage customers while they shop or wait in line. In fact, lobby signage experts and designers propose to companies that using engaging indoor signs increases customer satisfaction. This has also been proven by a study done by BMC Health Services Research, which proved that patient satisfaction increased when renovations, that included the installation of interior signage, were done to multiple GP offices. This goes to show just how much the appearance of an office or branch influences how customers feel about them. 

Owing to this, many fashion brands give their premises facelifts every now and then in order to keep their clients happy and satisfied. After all, won’t you get tired of visiting a fashion retailer whose store has the same outdated design from years ago? Thus, here are some of the most popular interior decoration trends you’re likely to see in the spring of 2020. 

Accents of Azure

During the close of the year 2019, it was announced that the Pantone Color of the year 2020 would be Classic Blue. Due to Pantone’s influence in the fashion industry, it’s likely that many fashion brands will integrate the shade to their interior designs and decorations. To some degree, the color can be associated with dependability and calmness, which is ideal for the type of clients the industry has. Moreover, the color offers considerable contrast without being too dull or dark. The reason behind the selection of classic blue was to represent the uncertainty that the future holds whilst preserving a cheerful and bright tone. Many fashion houses are likely to incorporate the shade in a number of ways such as using flowers like columbine and flax which have blue petals to decorate, placing blue wallpapers, and using fabrics that contain the shade. 

Flowers Galore

Even though floral designs have been around since time immemorial, their popularity tended to diminish in the past few years. However, 2020 marks the return of floral designs. Spring indicates the time when flowers begin to bloom, thus in the spirit of the season, many fashion houses will surely incorporate the use of floral designs in their carpets, curtains, wallpapers, and other places. If you’re the type to cringe in the sight of such patterns, then you’ll need to buckle up since this trend is more than likely to stay. In addition, floral designs can be a great way to merge colors that complement each other. Here, the only limit one has is their imagination, since the list of combinations is virtually endless. 

Vintage Meets Modern

Truly, history repeats itself. This statement is remarkably spot-on when referencing the fashion industry. It’s not unconventional to see trendy fashionable clothes from previous years making a comeback in modern society. Iconic pieces of clothing such as oversized denim jackets that were popular back in the ‘80s have made a successful comeback to the modern fashion world. A similar resurgence is witnessed in the decoration trends of top fashion houses around the globe. These days, vintage pieces of furniture from back in the day sit alongside modern, contemporary ones. This instantly gives any room a nostalgic feel without having to sacrifice any of the modern lusters you’d want to retain. Still, it can be rather difficult to pull off the perfect retro look as there are numerous aspects that are involved. Nevertheless, here are some important pointers that’ll help you create the perfect vintage look. 

Pick out quality antiques

Antiques are the most important instruments of any vintage project. Therefore, the need to outsource quality and durable ones can’t be stressed enough. Regardless of the era that you’re looking to recreate, these key elements are what cement the whole retro look. In addition, antiques ought to be the focal point of the whole look. Thus, it would be wise to base your decorations around the artifacts you’ve selected.

The devil is in the details

Having antiques is a great thing; however, you can’t just fill a room with retro furniture and expect to get a vintage appearance. Other elements must come into play and coincide with your relics in order to give it the perfect finish. Pay attention to the details and add patterns, accents, and colors that best represent the era you wish to portray.

When merging the old and the new, consistency is key. Use antiques and patterns in moderation so as not to overdo the look. This will go a long way in ensuring you create an authentic-looking replica of your desired era.

Bringing Mother Nature Indoors

Plants and flowers aren’t new to offices and brand branches. Still, not many people have truly taken time to harness their power. All that’s about to change with the wake of new studies that show just how crucial they can be to a workspace. Whether it’s a simple desktop potted plant, a miniature indoor tree or a full-on live wall, the effects that plants have on the interior of any room can’t be dismissed. Not only does verdure add character to a room, but it also aids in boosting employee morale and work efficiency. Moreover, having some vegetation indoors helps improve the air quality since plants absorb pollutants such as carbon dioxide and benzene, in addition to reducing dust levels in the air. Plants have also been proven to alleviate stress while their green color reduces eye strain; which can be very beneficial to people who work in front of bright computer screens all day.

When placed in strategic places, flora can greatly complement a room. For instance, having a live wall as the centerpiece of a company’s branch can be quite a spectacle. Customers who frequent that branch will always have something to look forward to. Moreover, given how picturesque they can be, plants can get you free publicity via social media. 

These were just some of the few trends that are sure to shape the interiors of many fashion houses throughout the spring of 2020. Some even have the potential to stick around for a longer time due to their practicality and creativity.