Gearing up for Convos With Claire in Atlanta on June 15th-June 16th, Fashion Bomb Daily is happy to announce that all-around fashion star and TV personality, Marlo Hampton, will be hosting the event this weekend!

Marlo Hampton is simply a woman you cannot forget. You may know her as the sassy reality and tv personality on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Or you may love her for her unforgettably, chic style. Whether it is one or the other, Marlo Hampton leaves an impression in both aspects. Marlo Hampton grew up in St. Petersburg, FL and endured a life of ups and downs. With her head high and perseverance higher, Marlo has managed to blossom into one of the biggest style enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Marlo’s luxurious taste led her to open a high-end boutique in Atlanta, allowing her build her clientele with some of the city’s elite consumers. Instead of looking at her past experiences in a negative light, Marlo Hampton used it as a positive and created the “Glam It UP!” project which empowers young girls in foster care to be successful and achieve their dreams.

Who better than to host this fashion event than the fashionista herself, Marlo Hampton? Don’t miss the fun with Marlo as our host and get your Convos With Claire tickets now:!