New York Magazine reports that ‘shoe freaks’ have been calling Alexander McQueen’s offices, asking to purchase the ‘alien’ shoes he debuted on his Spring 2010 runway:

Alexander McQueen Alien Shoes

Though most eager stylistas are interested in the shoes as works of art, the article surmises that some would actually wear these clunkers as an accent to a cocktail a la Daphne Guinness:

Daphne Guinness Alexander McQueen Alien Shoes

After my bunion surgery, I have had a slight aversion to heels of any kind, but will make exceptions for practical pumps or the errant pair of L.A.M.B platforms.

But these just look painful.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Fashion Show

Where do your toes go? Aren’t they heavy? And isn’t just the thought of tripping and breaking your leg enough to dissuade these diehard shoe lovers?

What do you think? Would you rock these?

Something tells me we’ll be seeing McQueen fiend Rihanna tottering in these tres soon…

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40 thoughts on “Fashion Discussion : Would you Wear Alexander McQueen’s Alien Shoes?”

  1. Only if I were going to a costume party as the Jolly green giant other than that no way!

  2. They are def diff thats for sure! @ Chelsea, I agree they look painful. Reminds me of a fish

  3. I would not necessarily wear these but there is a strange beauty I see in them. The height of the heel, wonder how the foot is positioned inside the shoe and the patterns chosen definitely caught me eye! Very unique. It takes someone with an extreme fashion edge to rock these off the runway!!!

  4. those shoes look more like vases than something you would put on your feet and walk around in. i get the feeling they’ll have a market with that bdsm crowd!

  5. The shoes look uncomfortable, indeed! I really believe that McQueen and other designers who make these kind of shoes are power-trippers. It’s as if they want to see how far a woman will go for beauty and style. Although the shoes may be deemed as art, some poor fashion victim will wear them, and risk corns, bunions, and a broken hip all in the name of \fashion,\ and a trend that will be over before you blink your eyes. Everyone has the right to make their own choices, but I vote no.

  6. A hell no to even the thought of wearing these. These are for photo shoots or music videos when it is being done for art. Outside of that you are an accident waiting to happen.

  7. Lady Gaga definitely has these on in her new vid “Bad Romance”. I personally don’t think they’re that bad…. If I had a chance to, I would def cop a pair, just for the conversation piece potential. :-)

  8. No, while I don’t think they are ugly and can appreciate the creatively demented twist on these, I do not think that I could wear a shoe that I could not stand up in.

  9. HECK NO!! Besides paying an arm, a leg, and foot for thoses ugly shoes ur also gna end up paying a hospital bill, because ur gna break an arm, a leg and a foot juss from wearing them…

  10. Like someone else said, these shoes are made for Lady Gaga. Maybe Rihanna and all her fierceness can pull this off.

  11. I agree, there’s a strange beauty to these heels, but I would/could never wear this in public… I don’t know who would except on the runway. But it is an interesting piece to look at… Reminds me of feet binding, which gives me shivers though. :/

  12. I LOVE shoes, but these things are hideous. When I watched the video of this fashion show, I couldn’t even seen the clothes because the shoes are so insane.

  13. They belong on my living room and office shelves, they have great conversations potential and as Art piece, I can’t complain. In the name of Fashion – Yes as decoration.

  14. Wow! I love the one in the middle, but have to agree with the buyers who want them as collectors pieces, or works of art. I can’t even begin to imagine where the feet go, and what it’s like walking in those suckers! Amazing!

  15. I LOVE (looking at) THESE SHOES!! lol I almost died when I saw Gaga wearing them in her Bad Romance video. I would probably never wear them. But you can’t deny that they are amazing to look at. Love ’em!

  16. I yearn for these shoes. I don’t yearn for much. Those snakeskin ones are to die for. Those who say “uncomfortable” won’t trip and stumble for fashion. They’re art. Worth the price and blisters. Will anyone ever make shoes like this again? These will be in a shoe history book in 20 years. *yearn*

  17. Wear them with what? Skinny jeans and a tee? These look like shoes I would display in my room and show off to house guests.

  18. yes! i wouldnt wear them for errands, but for a gala or like a prom for the fashion elite i think it would be appropriate. but i would only wear them with like a black dress or something simple to show how cool they are

  19. These shoes are probably very wearable to the 5″+ heel crowd – you might not be able to flex your ankles as much – but I suspect the dome upper is hollow.

    That being said, I’d rather have the Alien shoes with the teeth. Those shoes would add a bit of fierceness – both in closet and on the foot. These shoes remind me too much of historical photographs of women with bound feet.

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