So it’s happened to all of us before, I’m sure. Your friend comes around stuntin’ in a fabulous new item.  It looks so fly with everything she puts on and suddenly…you have to have it! So you run out to the store and cop the same.


Should your friend be upset? Or should her motto be, “It’s a free country?”

I confess, I’ve been a perpetrator before! In my college town, we only had a handful of hot stores, and I’ve certainly been guilty of buying a similar sweater (in a different color) to my friends. I was developing my fashion sense…I didn’t have a signature style just yet, so I copied!

Now, I’d say it’s a huge no-no. With the plethora of options, styles, and colors, you can easily pull together a unique look of your own. Besides, who wants to look like somebody else?

What do you think?

And have you ever copied? Or had a friend who stole your style?

*Celebrity pics are for illustration purposes only. Their inclusion neither implies that the celebrities are friends nor that they copied each other.