So it’s happened to all of us before, I’m sure. Your friend comes around stuntin’ in a fabulous new item.  It looks so fly with everything she puts on and suddenly…you have to have it! So you run out to the store and cop the same.


Should your friend be upset? Or should her motto be, “It’s a free country?”

I confess, I’ve been a perpetrator before! In my college town, we only had a handful of hot stores, and I’ve certainly been guilty of buying a similar sweater (in a different color) to my friends. I was developing my fashion sense…I didn’t have a signature style just yet, so I copied!

Now, I’d say it’s a huge no-no. With the plethora of options, styles, and colors, you can easily pull together a unique look of your own. Besides, who wants to look like somebody else?

What do you think?

And have you ever copied? Or had a friend who stole your style?

*Celebrity pics are for illustration purposes only. Their inclusion neither implies that the celebrities are friends nor that they copied each other.

13 thoughts on “Fashion Discussion: Would you Buy the Same Item as your Friend?”

  1. i definitely wouldn’t buy what a friend already has. it starts competition. but i do copy my sister. lol

  2. Definitely had a friend who used to copy me..hated it…while I would never copy anyone’s fashion, as I got older it didn’t bother me when she would do it as much…some people just aren’t blessed with an eye for fashion…so they copy..

  3. you know what sucks? finding things you really love, seeing them published the next week on the fashion bomb.. and knowing a lot of random chicks are going to be rocking it. get out of my head and closet, ladies!!! (and vuitton)

  4. I dont see anything wrong with it. My friends and I each have different styles and every once in a while we find something we both like. My motto is to wear what you love and if a friend loves the same item its not a big deal. It may be the same item but there is always more than one way to wear something. At the end of the day somebody is going to have the same item.

  5. I actually can’t stand when my best friend asks me where I got something, then turns around and purchases the same thing. I know they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it’s just annoying. I don’t even like to go shopping with her anymore, b/c if I pick up something, she’ll pick it up too

  6. I don’t like it when a friend copies my style. BUT, if she feels like she has to have the same shirt, dress, etc, she has to get it in another color no exceptions!

  7. my friend copies my swag and it is very annoying. i try to take it as a compliment, but i still get very irritated! a couple weeks ago we went to DSW looking for shoes, and every shoe i pick up and tried on, she did too! it wasnt a coincidence, she was following behind me and when i picked up a shoe she’d find it in her size and try it on. i got turned off by the shoe almost immediately, and didnt buy any just because of it. i also started wearing silk, print scarfs in the winter, and she bought the same one i had in a different color, only after she seen me with it on. i would never copy a friend, no matter how hot the item is. theres no excuse, its plenty out here for someone to develop there own style.

  8. Yea normally, I am anti getting the same thing as someone else but I recently did the same thing. I fell in love with a purse that I saw a friend of mine have and I had no intention of buying it but when I was shopping one day for a laptop bag, I saw it in a different color and purchased it as a laptop case because it was cute and padded nicely. You never see us with it together of course because I carry it to work but I definitely battled with myself before I purchased it. As a rule, I would say avoid it at all costs, especially if you notice that it is a statement piece of one of your friends or something they will be wearing often as opposed to something like a really good quality white tee. Gauge how your friend would feel.

    Also, I have a roommate who has no issue with purchasing the same thing as a friend and I have seen her wear things in a way that you would never guess it was the same thing. I happily tell her where I purchased things because I know that even if she does buy it, she definitely won’t look like me because she has her OWN personal style. I think a bigger issue than purchasing items that a friend may have is copying their essence, their style. That my friends, is a hot mess.

  9. If I liked an item I would get it for myself. Stores usually have more than one of the same item anyway. So whether you like it or not someone somewhere is wearing the same dress. I have to admit when I see something that is accessible and very cute and there seems to be a lot of them I avoid it.

    Would I mind if a friend bought the same jeans? No. I would be pissed if she decided to wear them the same time I did though.

  10. Maybe I’m too lax…I don’t care if my BFF buys the same thing as me!

    As far as I’m concerned if you love it buy it! Everyone has a different shape and tends to wear most items differently.

    My BFF and I buy the same items ALL the time, mind you these are classic must have items… like a good black purse…good denim jacket…shoes, belts, scarves and the list goes on but not everything is for everybody so dresses…jeans…tops…are never the same!

    The items that we do buy together are worn by each of us really well but very differently because we both have different body types and styles that we like.

    What really gets my gipper is going to a party and meeting some OTHER heffer that you don’t know in your dress or outfit! I really don’t like THAT!

  11. I found a pair of shoes that were half price that i bought for a friends birthday, and thought they were so HOT!! and such a good price that i should get them….so i did!!

    I ended up returning them becuase i coulnt live with the guilt and possible embarrassment.

  12. No…I do not think it’s a big deal @ all. I’m pretty laid back when it comes to things like that b/c my friends and I have different styles anyway. It’s all about how you rock the item.

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