Many celebrities have been seen on the red carpet sacrificing fashion in the name of cushy, comfortable sneaks:


D Woods rocked Pastry Kicks with a strapless frothy Heatherette frock, and model Veronica Webb accented a gray dress and cream trench with bright blue baskets.

As a foot surgery survivor, I know all about the necessity of wearing practical shoes!

But I’ll never forget–four weeks after my surgery, I wouldn’t even wear sneakers with dresses (even under doctor’s orders)! I fought with all my might and settled on some sparkly skimmers.
What do you think?
Are sneakers ever ok with skirts and dresses?


21 thoughts on “Fashion Discussion: Would you Wear Sneakers With a Dress?”

  1. i think veronica web and lil mama look terrible! but the sneakers don’t look half bad on d.woods and teyana…imo!

  2. I think that there are some situations in which a dress looks fly with a dress. However, none of the above photos display such a situaton. Teyana got kinda close tho.

  3. yeah… i meant sneakers with a dress… and i agree d. woods & teyana don’t look half bad but they don’t look half good either lol

  4. I think it can definitely work in some instances and sometimes it’s very appropriate a friend of mine did it at a concert and I wished I had too! See pic here: she looks very cute and comfy and you can myself in the back with no shoes on YEP this moment could have been avoided if I had worn sneakers but oh well a moment in time never to be forgotten! LOL

  5. No, I wouldn’t wear sneakers with a dress. That’s just tacky. These chicks are all examples of fashion don’ts.

  6. So of you are going to be at an event where standing o a lot of walking is required and you want to wear a cute dress, there are certain dresses that nice flats or rhinestone or gladiator sandals would look nice…but let’s face it ladies when you are dressed up in that lovely dress ONLY heels can suffice. It’s what brings out a bangin’ dress (along w/ the makeup and hair of course).

  7. Sneakers, dresses and red carpets dont mix! I think I would only wear sneakers(Converse) with a khaki shirt dress. Sneakers only work for a casual, no makeup look. Those four women look tacky and terrible. They could have worn flats if there feet hurt.

  8. Only 12 year old girls and younger should wear sneakers with dresses. An exception would be women who have to walk to work. Other than that, flats or cute sandals will do. All of the women in the pics look crazy, especially Veronica, she should know better. Tiana came close, but no cigar. Speaking of, are her and D. Woods wearing the same dress or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

  9. Diddy always played those Danity Kane girls. D woods and Teyana are wearing the exact same thing poor things…anyway those girls are straight foolish. I can see DWoods, Lil Mama, and Teyana are rocking the ‘cute’ vibe with WTF was Veronica Webb thinking?

  10. I think that there are some dresses that can be worn stylishly with sneakers, but the dress that LIL’ Mama has on…..especially with her body shape is a NONO!

  11. Some dresses looks nice with sneakers, but the pics above…uhhhhhhhhhh..NO. Lil Mama looks a hot mess with that red lollipop lookin dress on and Tayana dress isn’t all that cute either; it looked like someone tried to put a disco ball back together and then spray painted it..haha…but they both r still beautiful…

  12. The shoes that Veronica Webb is wearing are straight of the runway (can’t remember which designer but read about it on WWD). That being said though I like Vereonica Webb she still looks bad.

  13. I think Veronica is wearing heeled sneakers from DKNY. I saw Jourdan and others modelling them with dresses etc on the runway and I thought they looked fab. I think she work the wrong colour and the dress should have been shorter.

    Heeled sneakers can work in the right situation.

  14. teyana and d.woodz must have planned to wear the same dress but te looks nice all the time wit her dresses and sneakers d.woodz looks nice also

  15. Personally, I think D Woods looked the best in the very first pic because it was black tennies. I would never EVER where sneakers with a dress, though. I think it was a bad choice to go out dressed like that, but, hey, it is a free country. lolz

  16. i love women in sneakers most men do because tomboys are always sexier. you know you look good if you can make nike dunks or jordans look good teyana is sexy cause she’s not a girly girl. dresses and sneakers are hot because it has an certain edge like the girl is rough

  17. are you guys kiddin me? sneakers mixed with a dress is maybe one of the things i’ve always wanted to be trendy. It’s new, it’s cool… you can see that many celebrities are wearing that type of style. of course some of you might not like it but i think it rocks and most people should try this cuz it’s cool and comortable at the same time!! :)

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