The popular swimwear brand B Fyne known for their unique designs has accused fashion designer Silvia Ulson of plagiarizing their 2017 Sahara collection inspired by the brand’s Nigerian culture. There is certainly a striking resemblance between Silvia Ulson’s collection and B Fyne’s including the sexy cutouts and bold dashiki printed swimsuits.

A B Fyne rep expressed that the team was “flabbergasted.” “It came to us as a complete surprise how another designer is allowed to showcase replicas and claim it as her work during Miami Swim Week,” Bfyne’s rep said.

There is usually a very thin line between being inspired by a designer and blatantly copying their designs. In this case it seems like Ms. Ulson has some explaining to do. When we shared this discussion on our Instagram readers had a lot to say. @_wherebklynat said, “Not only did they literally copy/paste the designs, but they also took a whole culture and plastered another on top just because they didn’t want to take the time to research. Beyond disrespectful to the designer and both cultures.” Agreed!

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