Today’s Bombshell is blogger Yvonne from Sudbury, Ontario:
FBDO-Yvonne from Ontario
The native Nigerian writes, “My style is anything…”

“…that compliments my body.”
“…I’m into vintage wares..”


“… and african prints.”


” I also love shoes that stand out.”
yvonne from sudbury
That African printed jumpsuit is cute! See more of Yvonne’s style at
What do you think?

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51 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Yvonne from Ontario”

  1. she looks like a 2013 Sheneneh Jenkins, especially with that wig / weave on your head….whatever that thing is looks horrible.

  2. “Vintage Wares” but the majority of what’s displayed are played out, basic body con dresses, and ill-fitting jumpsuits? People really need to evaluate their descriptions. Not horrible, just pedestrian and uninspired.

  3. Honey bun you have a plus in your favor, your shape is so womanly, but doll you have to dress to compliment your figure. The jumpsuit I love. Jumpsuits are actually a staple but you have to accessorize and buy one that fits appropriately. Darling I know you love the jumpsuit when you saw it. But it is something that is just not right about the fit. Because it is clinging to your thighs the flats makes it look less flattering. The printed dress is amazing on you my dear, but next time rock the highest pair of red heels or even if you dare, ORANGE! The last two… girl. I can’t .

  4. Dang y’all, lol.
    I like that printed jumpsuit and the black and white number (in front of the Christmas tree), but that’s it.

  5. @ thefashionistachic you remind me of my grandmother with the word :dear”…but I just clicked on your site very nice.

  6. that african jumpsuit is FIRE! Ma the hair is overpowering your beauty. I would go a little shorter and with a little less volume – frame the face vs. covering the face. Id like to see you in a topknot and a highbun. Headed to the site.

  7. Her figure is enviable! With a body like that, you CAN’T just rely on tight clothes to make you look good. I think she’d look killer in some tailored pieces and a cropped hair cut. Best of luck to you doll!

  8. I unfortunately agree that the hairstyle is unflattering. The african print jumpsuit is great, and the black & white dress looks good on her. Maybe a few more pictures would give a better impression.

  9. Ummm I’m not really sure what to say about this. Your wearing clothes yrs, but I don’t really see fashion in her outfit choices. I’m also confused by her shoes comment. None of them stand out…..or is it just me.

  10. Ummm I’m not really sure what to say about this. You’re wearing clothes yes, but I don’t really see fashion in her outfit choices. I’m also confused by her shoes comment. None of them stand out…..or is it just me.

  11. Hmmmmmmm..where do I start from??death to that weave girl..death!!most of her outfits are just bleh!!like so basic..wasting all that bueno

  12. Where is the poll?
    I like her printed dresses and the shoes in the last pic. I’ll pass on everything else. Overall, I feel her looks are off.

  13. The black jumper just killed my whole opinion of her style…Sorry but it’s a no go for me…

  14. Hair *EEEEEEEKKK* She does not dress according to her frame. Those outfits are rather unflattering. Now that hair…laawwwdd chiillee…idk it’s a mess! It’s literally making me itch

  15. I haven’t commented on a bombshell in a long time…but I couldn’t…I mean…girl, what is that on your head…this is an advertisment for long hair does not equal cute…ladies, please burn these plastic, dry weave/wigs ya’ll insist on wearing…

  16. Her hair is horrible. I could hardly get passed that wig/weave/whatever it is to even see the clothes. I do agree with those that said her description doesn’t match her photos. And her looks were pedestrian and uninspired.

  17. Another fellow Nigerian with a basic sense of style. What’s that lion’s mane on your head? The printed bodycon dress is amazing and that’s about the only well put together outfit on here. Just no to the rest because it’s just awful.

  18. Boring….She thought she would get “Bombshell” because she’s from Naija. Girl Bye.

    LMFAOOO @ Shenen Jenkins. I’m out!

  19. You have a great shape but the clothes are ill fitted and pieces don’t quite go together, all around theres potential. The weave looks bad. Try playing with your real hair.

  20. i get so disappointed when i see african girls w/an overloaded head of weave. they too have drank the kool-aid. that weave is over powering her. she has a nice shape & the black & white skirt & the print body con dress look nice on her but typical. the other styles…not so much.

  21. Pieces don’t go to well together, show us fashion that look good not something that looks a little sloppy .Nice try but this is Fashion Bomb your a pretty girl just start from the head all the way down and you should look good.

  22. Yes honey, sadly you must edit the hair!! I also get very sad when African girls wear all this ludicrous hair. You were taught better (or not). Anyway, you have an amazing figure, dress it accordingly. Chile I wish I had that figure!!

    Claire Ontario is the province (state in American terms). She is from Sudbury. This is tantamount to saying she is from Africa. Where in Africa chile?

  23. I’ll give her a pass because she’s in Sudbury, probably for school. That’s like saying she lives in some remote part of Iowa.

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