Since I’m abroad, I’d figure we’d kick off the week with a European Bombshell, Tulinawa from Sweden:

She writes, “When it comes to fashion I would say I’m like a chameleon.”

” I love juxtaposing different types of styles and making them work together.”

” I also like editing items to fit my personal taste.”

” Fashion is my form of art.”

” Personally I find that an eye for colour, detail, texture, forms, shapes and sizes…”

“… are what create a stunning look.”

My blog,, is where I display my daily outfits as well as venture into other fashion related subjects.”

How gorgeous are you? I appreciate your simple looks and individual flourishes.
What do you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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41 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Tulinawa from Sweden”

  1. It’s simple…not really inspiring but she looks good.

    Wait, correction, one thing truly inspiring….THAT HAIR CUT! Love the blond touch with the short style. It really displays how gorgeous she is.

  2. I hate it when bombshells don’t show there shoes because to me the shoes make or brake an outfit, the looks are ok nothing special just standard clothing- if it wasn’t for her cute face the outfits would probably look bad to be honest

  3. Nothing noteworthy about her style but she is absolutely gorgeous. Love her variety of hairstyles too.

  4. Very gorgeous girl. The outfits are cute, but what I really Love is her hair, makeup, and accessories (e.g. the ring in the 5th pic). Bombshell!

  5. Her style is awful and she gets away with it because she is gorgeous. Cut off her head and her style is horrid.

  6. Her outfit choices are pretty simple, but boy is she gorgeous! Love her hair and choice of accessories.

  7. I actually really liked this submission. I like the total package from the hair, clothes, and well chosen accessories. I do not think that we always have to pull out every bell and whistle to look chic. Sometimes less is more. Bombshell

  8. She’s obviously totally stunning…Being very pretty doesn’t make you a bombshell IMO, most of her looks look a little too dated for my liking and are lacking in accessories to make them pop

  9. Oh to be a pretty bombshell submission…lol! Tough crowd. *shudders* I think she has style! Not my style per se, but style none the less! She looks awesome! Bombshell! :-)

  10. She doesn’t know what she’s doing or haven’t found herself yet. Her pretty face saves the day though (In Stockholm, I have noticed black+swedish always produced gorgeous people for some reason).

  11. Everything is normal and average. I don’t see anything amazing or even fashion bomb material. She is pretty though.

  12. I really loved was the sweater with the bowtie. Nothing else really stood out but she is absolutely stunning and her skin is beautiful

  13. loved loved it. This is a bombshell. somebody said her style is normal of course americans have been brainwashed that if you dont look like a clown then its not fashion especially the ghetto ones and u know this site is a magnet for these hoodrats. This is european chic, which screams im very comfortable in my skin and i own it. Go girl, love your style.

  14. This Girl is such a bombshell to me!!!! She’s also correct when she said she was a fashion chameleon, I love all her looks . she definetly has a style that’s very unique and chic!!!!

  15. @kiki you’ve said everything i was thinking…. identifiable labels, sky high heels, and faces full of make-up, while great in their own rights, are not the only looks that make a woman fashionable….

    love ur looks :-) definitely a bombshell.

  16. There a a subtle variety in her style. Presentation always clean. Her clothes fit her body type well. She looks comfortable and confident in her skin. I love that she stays away from trends; a classic coolness. She’s a bombshell.

  17. I find it interesting that Kiki would call another woman ghetto and I’m sure she meant African American women. But that label “ghetto” disturbs me because, believe it or not, society lumps us all including you and me and black american women across the country in that category. So you go be unghetto but 75% of the country will always consider you as such! Bum

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