Today’s Fashion Bomber, Willie, is from the Chi, so I figured I’d pluck today’s Bombshell from the windy city as well! Take a look at Tot’s submission:
Tot from Chicago
She says, “I’m a 30 yr. old creative lifestyle blogger.”
090 Tot from Chicago
” Throughout my childhood my Mother constantly reminded me that it takes seconds to make a first impression and what you wear says a lot about you.”

12 Tot from Chicago
” I can honestly say everytime I get dressed it feels like I’m playing dress up!”

11 Tot from Chicago

” I do not consider myself to be a fashionista or any type of curvy girl clothes expert. haha!”

10 Tot from Chicago
” I simply enjoy clothes, shoes, accessories, and putting it all together on this overly curvy body I’ve been blessed with.”

3 Tot from Chicago
” I wanted to share some of my favorite outfits/moments that I was really feeling myself.”

9 Tot from Chicago
” I would say that my style is simple, classic, chic and fun for sure!”

90 Tot from Chicago

” From pumps to sneakers I enjoy it all.”

2 Tot from Chicago
” I enjoy being versatile with my style from custom fitted dresses with handmade organza flowers…”
k Tot from Chicago
“… to simple outfits from the local Gap, I just like to have fun with it all.”

111 Tot from Chicago
” And to be honest nothing is just simple when you are a size 14 and up…”
787878 Tot from Chicago

“… even finding jeans can be a daunting task!”

9999 Tot from Chicago
” Love reading the blog and everything it represents!”

88 Tot from Chicago
” Check out my new resourceful lifestyle blog at”

0990 Tot from Chicago
Alright! Love those custom dresses. You certainly have your own unique flaire.
See more at and on the Gram @totallytot3.
What do you think?

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21 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Tot from Chicago”

  1. Looks number 2, 6, 9 and 11 are the best. The rest are nice looks, a few border on tacky.

  2. How cool to be featured! Thank you! @TheFashionistachic Yes you can! Follow me on IG or Twitter and we can make arrangements! Super Serious! :)

  3. LOL @Melissa…She does seem to have a very sweet spirit. A few less shiney tights, necklaces, and wide belts. Have a good weekend everyone!!

  4. I agree with @c. Shiny tights and wide belts (even if it’s Fendi)…NOPE.

    Everything else is great!

  5. Very playful and eccentric. And fitting the figure perfectly.
    Then…what is it with lavender? I think it’s one of the rare color that can barely work on black skintones. So if chosen, why not a white or denim top and silver shoes? Less contrast is more with this awful color.

  6. I wonder if this is a good representation of Chicago style.

    She dresses poorly, imo.

  7. Seriously lavender doesn’t go with some black skin tones, please go play in traffic!

    As for Tot, love that there were so many options

  8. I think she’s beautiful, but her style isn’t my taste, or appealing to me at all. It’s WAY too much. I love her hair, but that’s it. :-/

  9. @Nakia. No i don’t think it does, making the complexion look dull. Show me a designer who favors this color or a pic where it looks good and i’ll gracefully change my mind…

  10. Super cute! Love the versatility with pieces that others would dare not try!

  11. I do no like the shiny tights outfits. But, outside of that, she looks like she has a great spirit

  12. Love the remix of the white belt! The peplum top and sneaker outfit is cute and unexpected!

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